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This page is dedicated to the roll out schedule of all the modules and its chapters. A chapter scheduled release is about 3 weeks apart.

1. Introduction to FrameWork for Success- 3rd week in May 2022

2. All other are to be determine

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Change your Thinking and Change Your Life

The first series of chapters are design to change your thinking by discovering your mission in live and developing a vision to governing your life. You may select 1 chapter at a time; however, we recommend subscribing to the entire series which comes with membership and online coaching with each chapter. All members are supplied with workbooks throughout the learning process. Join us on this journey to change our thinking and changing our lives.

1. Introduction to the FrameWork for Success Release date is later May

2. Change Your Thinking                                       3 weeks after 1

3. Change Your Life                                               3 weeks after 2

4. Dream Big Dreams                                            3 weeks after 3

5. Decide to Be Rich                                              3 weeks after 4

6. Take charge of your life                                      3 weeks after 5

7. Commit to Excellence                                        3 weeks after 6

8. Put people First                                                  3 weeks after 7

9. Think Like a Genius                                            3 weeks after 8

10. Unleash your mental Powers                            3 weeks after 9

11. Supercharge your Thinking                               3 weeks after 10

12. Create your own Future                                    3 weeks after 11

13. Live a Great Life                                                3 weeks after 12

14. Conclusion                                                         3 weeks after 13


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