Are you a business Professional?

Promote Your Business while sharing your talents & skills with our youth as a SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT (SME)

Submit Your Profile in 5 parts both video & written Script

Part 1:  Describe yourself such as education , professional experience, etc.

Part 2: Describe your products and services.  Who uses your services or products, how often are they used. List your website ans social media addresses to be linked.  List a few of your services or products.

Part 3:  Describe Your business.  Include length in business, number of employees and the type of business.

Part 4:  What type of support will you provide the youth?

Part 5: Provide description of how or what mentoring activities you are willing to offer.  

Create your Profile & Submit.

2:  Use your cell phone or any camera to record your profile in 5 different video shots plus a summary written transcript.

3: Send videos & summary to: with the code mbp in the subject line.