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Decide to Be Rich

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We have passed from a world based on material limitations into a world that is determined by mental concepts. We have moved from the age of things into the ''Psychozoic Age,'' the age of the mind. Wealth and opportunities are contained more in the person you are and the way you think than in the assets you have acquired in life so far. Your future lies more in your ability to apply your mind and intelligence to your work and your life than it does in your current job or situation. Work harder on yourself than you do on any job. Because health, wealth, and happiness are essentially mental, there are very few limits on how much of them you can acquire for yourself. In this lesson, and in subsequent lessons, you will learn many of the simple, practical, proven methods, techniques, and strategies used by high-achieving men and women in every field to accomplish far more than they, or the people around them, ever dreamed possible. You will learn how to break the bonds of limited, conventional thinking, expanding your desires and ambitions so dramatically that you will be able accomplish any goal that you could ever set for yourself.

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