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Where To Buy Sunglasses That Fit Over Glasses

Jonathan Paul continually designs the finest sunglasses created to fit over prescription eyewear. Maintaining our original emphasis on comfort, quality, and visual performance, we utilize state-of-the-art frame and lens technologies to provide modern prescription frame wearers with a fit over sunglass that meets the needs of their active lifestyles.

where to buy sunglasses that fit over glasses

A solution to the intense Australian sun, Fitovers are effective, comfortable and affordable which offer a fashionable and functional fit to those looking for sunglasses that will work with their existing prescription frames.

Leading the fitovers eyewear category since 1993, we continue to be the innovative market leader in the evolution of style and performance in the realm of eyewear designed to be worn over glasses as sunglasses. Often imitated but never duplicated, Jonathan Paul Fitovers has the most colors and styles, the highest quality materials and the best reputation over any competitor. Simply the best sunglasses that go over glasses!

If you wear prescription glasses all day, it can be frustrating to have to take off your eyewear and swap it for a pair of sunglasses every time you go outside, especially if you spend a lot of time outside in the bright sun.

Fit-over glasses are just what they sound like. These sunglasses are widened to fit over your regular pair of prescription glasses, so you can protect your eyes from the sun while wearing your favorite prescription eyeglasses comfortably. They fit snugly around the frame and style of your current prescription eyewear and are an affordable alternative to buying prescription sunglasses.

The essential step to make sure your Fits Over sunglasses are comfortable is to measure the prescription glasses they go on top of. The first measurement is the width of your prescription glasses in millimeters. This will help you know how large your Fits Over sunglasses need to be so they can be snug yet comfortable. Next, measure the height of your prescription glasses.

For increased accuracy, you can also measure the bridge of your nose. Once you have these measurements, you can figure out what fit to choose for your over glasses sunglasses. To make sure your Fits Over sunglasses are the perfect size, you can print out our helpful size guide to measure your prescription glasses against a scale representation of each of our Fits Over styles.

Another factor to consider when selecting Fits Over sunglasses is which color you want the lenses to be tinted. The tint is the color shade of the lenses. Some common colors are smoke, gray, yellow, and blue. Many people prefer a specific tint, and others prefer to purchase a variety of tints for different occasions.

Another benefit of buying Fits Over sunglasses is the custom fit they offer. Regular sunglasses can still be measured to your facial proportions, but Fits Over sunglasses are custom measured and designed to fit snugly over your existing eyewear.

Depending on what outdoor activities you do most often, there may be a specific pair of Fits Overs just for you! For instance, some Fits Overs are designed to fit over safety glasses so you can enjoy extra protection while on the job site or at home working on a project. Others are designed to sit on top of your prescription glasses or reading glasses to help protect your eyes every day!

You got yourself prescription glasses. You are happy with it. However, it crossed your mind that you also need UV protection, especially if you are outdoors. Sure, you can opt for photochromic sunglasses or prescription shades. However, you might want to consider using fit over sunglasses.

Fit over sunglasses works just as the name suggests. They are sunglasses that come with slightly enlarged temples and frames. Additionally, these sunglasses are designed to fit over prescription glasses. Contextually, the eyeglasses will hide behind the sunglasses. With this, users can have excellent UV protection aside from the visual acuity provided by prescription glasses.

In some cases, fit over sunglasses are also called over-glasses sunglasses or suncover sunglasses. Do not get confused; all of them have the same purpose. Physically, fit over sunglasses have wider temples to cover the temples of prescription glasses. Their frames are also larger and thicker, so the lenses behind the sunglasses will not be visible.

Additionally, these sunglasses work like any other shades, and you wear them to protect your eyes from UV rays. As you know, sunlight may damage the cornea, surface tissues, retinas, and eye lenses. Damage to the eyes increases the risk of having severe problems like macular degeneration and cataracts.

Those who usually spend most of their time outdoors can walk into a store and buy fit over sunglasses. There's no prescription needed as their primary purpose is to shade the eyes from too much sunlight exposure.

1. Additional UV protection. Not only will it protect you from UV rays, but fit over sunglasses also shield the top and sides of the lenses. This way, the sunglasses protect the eyes and skin and guarantee the UV rays will not damage you from any angle.

2. Extremely durable. It may seem fragile for some as these sunglasses are lightweight. However, they are sturdy enough and offer a snug fit on one's face. Additionally, they are very durable.

3. Affordable. Since one does not need to see an eye doctor to get fit over glasses, they are highly affordable. In some cases, prices usually start at $15. With this, you can easily fit them over your prescription glasses without investing more.

4. Suitable for outdoor activities. Suppose you love outdoor activities like driving, hiking, fishing, boating, and more; you will surely love the fit over sunglasses. They provide UV protection and ensure clear vision while enjoying these activities.

2. It might take time to get used to using two glasses simultaneously. Eyeglasses wearers can admit that using one prescription glasses can be a burden sometimes. How much more when you use two glasses at the same time? Besides the additional weight, getting used to the bulk placed on your face might take some time.

3. Some might not fit. Since these glasses are not tailor-made, there will be instances when they will not fit perfectly on your face. This is why you must ensure to buy snug-fit sunglasses to maximize their potential purpose.

1. Check the tint. The tint of your fit over sunglasses does not affect how they block the UV rays. However, colored or tinted lenses provide various benefits. Gray-tinted lenses can help further reduce the glare and work well in weather conditions. Meanwhile, yellow-tinted lenses may provide excellent depth perception and enhance visual acuity, which can be helpful when playing sports.

3. Impact-resistance. Fit over glasses is generally durable. However, to make sure, look for sunglasses made from sturdier materials. This is necessary, especially if you are into sports or any physical outdoor activities.

Mens and womens prescription sunglasses can cost a lot of money, especially if you buy them from an optician. Rapid Eyewear's range of uv400 overglasses offer a cost-effective solution to your needs, as they simply fit over your existing spectacles. Available in a range of fashionable colours and sizes, most products are polarised (except for the night driving option - see below - and the extra dark Vogue Category 4) and anti-scratch coated; they are built around a lightweight yet tough polycarbonate frame, and feature impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. All Category 3 lens products have a flash mirrored finish, which effectively makes your glasses frame invisible when you're outdoors. 041b061a72


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