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For the pot examine, sterile nursery soil was utilized. The dirt was ground into fine particles before being sanitized in a 160C broiler for 2 hours. Okra seeds were gathered from the Roorkee neighborhood market. We picked solid seeds that were comparative in structure and size in sets of three, bacterized seeds were planted in the pots. Seeds treated with just 1% CMC were utilized as a benchmark grouping. As necessary, the pots are watered. The following were the treatments: T1, Pseudomonas spp. bacterized seeds PFTT1; T2, Pseudomonas spp. bacterized seeds PFTT2; T3, Pseudomonas spp. bacterized seeds PFTT3; T4; Pseudomonas spp. bacterized seeds PFTT4; T5, Pseudomonas spp. bacterized seeds PFTT5. Up to 21 DAS, root weight, shoot length, shoot weight, root length, and germination percentage were considered.


Pseudomonas spp. disconnects were utilized to bacterize okra seeds of uniform shape and size (PFTT1 to PFTT5). Following 22 days of planting in pots, seeds closed up with the aforementioned microbial inoculants showed initiated vegetative qualities. Pseudomonas sp. PFTT4 had the best seed germination, shoot, and root length. Shoot new and dry weight, just as root new and dry weight, showed comparative expansion propensities. The medicines with Pseudomonas spp. PFTT1, PFTT4, and PFTT5 delivered the best number of plants. Pseudomonas sp. PFTT4 bacterized okra seeds brought about an extensive expansion in seed germination rate (82.2%), trailed by PFTT5 (75.8%). Seed germination was 40% in the control treatment (Table 3). In contrast with the control, each of the measurements was upgraded and was huge at 1% and additionally 5%. Figure 2 shows the graph scale of Pseudomonas fluorescens effect on seed germination and vegetative growth of okra.

In a pot trial investigation, okra seed bacterized with Pseudomonas fluorescens PFTT5 showed critical expansion in shoot length, root length, and dried shoot and root weight. PFTT4 and PFTT5 treated seeds germination rates were 83.3 percent and 76.7 percent, separately. 041b061a72


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