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Investment and Financial Support

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Adrian Lewis
Adrian Lewis

[S6E14] What Lies Beneath

Now knowing about the buried money, Jack and Kenny trace the GPS coordinates given to them by Walt and soon dig up all of the seven barrels. As he is lying on the ground, Walt notices something beneath his car. The neo-Nazis load the barrels onto the back of their pickup truck and bury Hank and Gomez in the hole where they dug out the barrels from. Todd convinces Jack to leave one of the barrels for Walt as a gesture of apology; Jack orders his men to load the barrel into Walt's car. After Walt's handcuffs are removed, Jack shakes Walt's hands and says that there's no need for hard feelings over what just happened.

[S6E14] What Lies Beneath


Greta lives on a farm with her father, mother, sister, and brother Darius. On the farm, near the edge of the property, is a large, abandoned chicken coop with rotting boards and broken windows. As she grows up, Greta is curious about what lies inside. She asks numerous times to explore it, but her father always tells her to never enter under any circumstances.

Penny and Leonard are visiting Howard and Bernadette to discuss how they handle finances in their marriage. Howard thought that they wanted to swing together and change partners as couples. Howard and Bernadette sometimes do fight about money. She makes a lot more than him, though Howard claims to have brought assets into the marriage. Like his incomplete set of Star Trek collectible plates? Howard replies that he just got the last one on eBay without telling Bernadette. Then Howard brings up all the late fees from not paying the credit card bills on time. Bernadette retorts that she would if she wasn't spending all her time cleaning the apartment. Howard grabs his chore chart and shows her all the starstars he has though Bernadette berates the quality of his work. Howard runs into the bedroom after she mentions his personal allowance. Bernadette apologizes and tells them that the pressure to be the provider is tough on Howard. Penny worries about them; however, he grew up in a home where his mother earned more and also emasculated his father in every way. Penny and Leonard decide to work things out before they are married and to use the Wolowitzes as an example of what not to do. 041b061a72


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