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[S2E5] Fear Itself

Raven doesn't fear anything, or that's at least what she wants the others to think. But when Beast Boy rents a scary film for the Titans to watch later in the night, strange things start to happen, and one by one each of the Titans start to disappear. But the main question the remaining Titans, including Raven, are wondering is; Who is behind all of this?

[S2E5] Fear Itself


Later that night, the flash from a thunderstorm outside wakes up Raven, who, oddly enough, finds herself creeped out by her own bedroom's décor. Things get even weirder when she and the others hear a scream coming from the living room. Robin notes that it eerily sounded like the same iconic scream from the movie, but Starfire points out that nobody left the TV on, and the movie is sitting in its box on the coffee table. Suddenly, out of nowhere, all the lights go out, making the situation nowhere better than by raising the bar another notch on the creep factor. Robin remembers the thunderstorm and speculates that it tripped a circuit breaker. At that moment, a creepy tentacle gropes his shoulder and frightens everyone except him, who dismisses it as a good prank from Beast Boy. However, Beast Boy, still in his human form, points to what that tentacle actually belongs to; the, out of nowhere appearing, gruesome monster from the movie unveils itself, ready to devour them all!

The Titans try to hold their ground, but the beast's strength is in paramount, and things go from bad to worse when Raven's powers suddenly stop working. Things appear grim until all of a sudden, the creature vanishes just as mysteriously as it arrived. The Titans try to comprehend what just happened; Beast Boy immediately concludes that the movie's legend of a curse is as true as its fearsome reputation; watching the movie opened a portal to another plain of existence from which the monster emerged from. Now that it's on the loose in the tower, it will devour them all, starting with Beast Boy, the "good-looking comic relief guy". However, Robin comes up with a more logical conclusion: Control Freak must have escaped from jail and came to the Tower to get his remote back and take his revenge on the team (however, on a side note, this doesn't explain why Raven is powerless all of a sudden). Robin suggests they all split up and search the tower to get to the bottom of the mystery, but Beast Boy follows his common knowledge of any and all concepts regarding the Horror genre and dismisses it as a bad idea, claiming that the monster will hunt them down one at a time.

They follow a husky cry for help coming from Beast Boy's room. When they open the closet to uncover it, they are buried under a mountain of Beast Boy's laundry along with a monkey toy which was calling for help only out of function. Along the course of this grim investigation, Beast Boy keeps jibbing Raven that she is afraid, which she hotly denies. But each time she says so, something grim occurs; just then, the monster reappears and pursues the Titans down the corridor. They jump through a door only to find themselves at the mercy of a bottomless pit. Thankfully, they save themselves with the help of Starfire's flight and Robin's grapnel and make it back to the floor without the monster in sight. Just as Beast Boy tries jibbing at Raven's sense of fear again, he is ensnared and dragged into a dark doorway by shadowy tentacles and vanishes into the dark, confirming that the "funny guy goes first". The Titans try to save Beast Boy, but only pry open the door to the evidence room with no sign of him. Robin notices that Control Freak's remote is exactly where he left it and begins to suspect that Control Freak has nothing to do with what has been happening, and that what they're dealing with may be a supernatural threat. But suddenly, after briefly thinking for a moment and gluing the pieces of everything that has happened up to this point, he comes to a realization of what this whole thing is truly based off of: Fear. At that moment, Robin comes to a conclusion involving the movie, the monster, and Raven's powers. But before he can say who or what is behind it all, he is ensnared by the same shadowy tentacles that took Beast Boy. He is dragged into the wall and vanishes without a trace before Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg can save him. Cyborg frustratingly punches the wall and smashes a giant hole through it, revealing nothing but the hallway on the other side. Cyborg, Starfire and Raven are left in despair from not knowing what Robin was about to say.

Cyborg and the girls search the living room again, but there's still no trace of Robin or Beast Boy. Cyborg claims they have looked everywhere for them, to which Raven replies "Almost everywhere". Cyborg and Starfire freeze with fear on account of knowing exactly where they still have yet to search: The basement. As the remaining Titans begin searching, Starfire starts blasting at the floor when she sees something scurrying. Raven thinks it is just a few rats, but what Starfire points to on the girders above are not rats. A massive horde of rat-like monsters appear and swarm the whole complex and the remaining Titans race back to the stairs to avoid being attacked and eaten. Starfire almost makes it, but is ambushed by the rat monsters which knock her down and leave her vulnerable. When Cyborg and Raven arrive at the stairs, they see Starfire engulphed in a huge pile of the rat creatures which drag her down into the floor. By the time Cyborg comes for her, she is completely submerged and the pile disappears with her along with it. With only Cyborg and Raven remaining, Cyborg concludes that there is nothing they can do for her now and that they are just as vulnerable as everyone else. Their only remaining course of action is to find a way out of the tower and come back with help. They make it back to the top of the stairs and Raven goes ahead of him, asserting for a final time that she is not afraid. Not a moment later, Cyborg finds himself frozen with fear and Raven asks if he could light the way but turns around to see an empty pitch-black corridor without a trace of Cyborg. All there is in the dark empty corridor in front of her is a huge, black, pterodactyl monster flying straight for her. Raven races to the elevator and manages to narrowly escape the monster's deadly jaws, but her relief is cut short when the elevator fills with black ooze, which spills out into the living room. Now totally alone, she is beset by all the horrifying monsters she has encountered made out of pure darkness, including a wolf-bird like creature emerging from the window. Finally cornered and out of options, she admits that she truly is afraid, but also declares that regardless, it doesn't mean she can't fight back. Raven yells "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" and unleashes an energy wave that absorbs all the creatures. The energy wave forms into the colossal pterodactyl beast that emerges right outside above the tower and lets out a tortured roar just before dissipating, and Raven passes out on the living room floor, with black electricity flickering around her.

She wakes up to see that her friends are all okay. Robin explains that there never was any danger in the first place (to which the others question), because the monsters they were seeing were never real, and he explains why and how the horrific events happened the way they happened throughout the night; Raven knew she was afraid all along after watching the movie, but when she denied the fact she was, as a result, her entire sense of fear gained sentience and physical forms through her powers; her magic transformed into creatures that represented the manifestation of her own deepest fears (this explains why her powers weren't working when she wanted to use them when the tentacled monster first appeared), as in, showing monsters that she was deeply afraid of. But when Raven finally accepted her fear, she regained control of it and her magic returned to where it belonged. So long story short, Raven had accidentally created the monsters out of denying her fear, and she sheepishly apologizes. As the sun rises, the Titans decide to catch some sleep over the night's events. Beast Boy then tells Raven that her own fear was far more terrifying than the horror movie they've watched earlier and asks if she would want to do the same horrific fiasco that happened the previous night over again for Halloween. In a wide shot of Titans Tower from outside as the sun rises, Raven ends the episode by proudly saying "I'm afraid not."

Several monsters chase Raven to the main room where she is ambushed by all of them: rats, movie monsters, and a pterodactyl. Raven admits her fears and then uses all of her powers in a final stand. All of the monsters vanish. Raven lay on the ground unconscious.

When she awakes, all of the Titans are standing over her. Robin says that, when Raven wouldn't admit her fears, the fear found another way out: through her powers. None of it was real. The Titans look on as the sun rises.

  • Actually Pretty Funny: After Beast Boy's Cymbal-Banging Monkey scares the Titans, Cyborg starts joking about it. Even Beast Boy thinks it's amusing until he sees Raven's Death Glare.

  • An Aesop: If you bottle up your feelings, they're sure to haunt you, one way or another.

  • Bottle Episode: This episode takes place almost entirely in Titans Tower, except for the Action Prologue.

  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Robin mentions a hot dog documentary that Starfire made them watch. She finds it fascinating that humans eat so many pigs "and insects."

  • Brought Down to Normal: Raven. One of the effects of not expressing her fear is having her powers removed.

  • Brown Note: This is what the "Wicked Scary" movie ends up doing to Raven, if only due to her experiencing massive Power Incontinence from refusing to admit that she was scared.

  • Call-Back: The evidence room contains items belonging to past encounters with villains. These include the Puppet King's remote (and the lifeless Puppet King himself), one of Mad Mod's statues, Slade's mask, Overload's chip, Trident's trident, and the chip that Red X stole.

  • The swarm of rats that gets Starfire and the pterodactyl that chases Raven have four red eyes, similar to the crows back in Nevermore.

  • The Cuckoolander Was Right: Beast Boy explains (with an exaggerated demonstration) that Wicked Scary is cursed, and watching it opened a portal to another dimension, allowing the monster to enter. Though it's not accurate, he's not entirely wrong, as the monster exists due to Raven watching the movie and not admitting that she is afraid (which, essentially, could be considered a curse). If she never watched the movie, the monster would never have become real.

  • Cymbal-Banging Monkey: Unusually, not the creepiest thing in the story. The Titans hear a faint cry of "Help me" from Beast Boy's room. Then when they investigate his closet, the monkey falls on them, happily chirping, "Help me, help me count!" Cyborg starts laughing.

  • De-power: See Brought Down to Normal.

  • Devoured by the Horde: Is what ends up happening to Starfire when the rats attack.

  • Dramatic Drop: When Raven points out that they haven't checked the basement for signs of Robin and Beast Boy, Cyborg drops the couch cushion he's holding.

  • Drowning Pit: Perhaps Raven should have taken the stairs...

  • Dwindling Party: The Titans are picked off one by one by the monsters.

  • Eldritch Abomination: The incarnation of the Wicked Scary monster.

  • Eldritch Location: The Titans Tower once the creepy stuff starts happening.

  • Evil Tastes Good: A literal example of the trope when living pieces of candy attack Cyborg in the Action Prologue, and he decides to "bite back" and nosh on them. The candy, seeing their numbers declining, run for it. (The candy does quickly make Cyborg sick, though.)

  • Felony Misdemeanor: The reason why Control Freak was attacking the video store? They hadn't rated Warp Trek V as a top film. The poor cashier doesn't even know what Warp Trek is.

  • Final Girl: Raven, although technically, she's also the antagonist.

  • Foreshadowing: Beast Boy and Control Freak have a "Not So Different" Remark when they gush about "Wicked Scary" being out on video. Beast Boy's nerdiness comes in handy the next time they encounter Control Freak.

  • Furry Baldness: The Wicked Scary monster has a receding hairline.

  • Genre Savvy: Beast Boy. "Split up? SPLIT UP?! Did you not see the movie? When you split up, the monster hunts you down one at a time, starting with the good-looking comic relief guy - ME!" What's more. He's right!

  • Haunted Headquarters: The Titan Tower becomes this, due to Raven not expressing her fear, causing horrors to manifest.

  • Hearing Voices: Evil variant. The Titans are woken up by the same blood-curdling scream made by the actress in Wicked Scary. This time, it's disembodied though.

  • Horrifying the Horror: Averted. Beast Boy tries to do this to the monster by turning into a T-Rex and roaring in its face, only for the monster to do the same, causing him to turn into a cat and run away scared (a literal scaredy cat).

  • Horror Struck: Played with. When the Wicked Scary monster first attacks, Robin speculates that Control Freak escaped from jail, came to the tower to get his remote, and summoned the monster to attack the team. Unfortunately for them, not only is Control Freak not present, but his remote is in the evidence room where Robin left it. They realize that Control Freak isn't behind any of the horrors, and they are in fact dealing with an actual supernatural threat.

  • Let's Split Up, Gang!: Robin orders the team to split up and search for Control Freak. As stated above, Beast Boy disagrees and immediately stops everyone. They then decide to stay together.

  • Little "No": Raven gives one after Starfire disappears.

  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: If Raven had admitted that the movie scared her, then it wouldn't have come to life and attacked the Titans. We only have Robin's word that "We were never in any danger."

  • Lovable Coward: Starfire through out this episode, she was just adorable and funny.

  • Not So Above It All: Raven getting freaked out by the movie, though she denies it.

  • Oh, Crap!: Each of the Titans give off this look many, many, many times throughout the episode, and it's always because they've spotted something massively wrong.

  • Post-Victory Collapse: After Raven gains back control of her powers and obliterates the horrors within the tower, she falls to the ground and faints, black electricity coiling around her.

  • Red Herring: The episode initially sets up Control Freak as the main villain of the episode.

  • Repression Never Ends Well: Raven won't admit the movie scared her, so her fear manifests through her powers. She only regains control of her powers when she admits her fear.

  • Shoo Out the Clowns: Discussed, as Beast Boy mentions above. Indeed when the episode starts to get serious, he's the first one to be offed by the monster.

  • Show Within a Show: "Wicked Scary," a typical slasher horror film.

  • Shout-Out: In the beginning of the episode Control Freak calls the movie store clerk a Tribble. Warp Trek itself is a play on the title Star Trek.

  • His remote also uses various sound effects from the original series.

  • When he gets snarked at by Raven, he casually snarks back with another film reference:Raven: "A couch potato with a souped-up remote. I'm petrified."Control Freak: "You will be. You will be..."

  • Before movie night starts, Beast Boy claims "Wicked Scary" is so horrifying, it curses it's viewers and bad things will happen to them within days.

  • Near the end of the episode, Raven is chased by a demonic pterodactyl. She gets into an elevator, where she thinks she's safe, until it starts filling up with a strange dark liquid.

  • Swarm of Rats: Starfire's "death".

  • Too Many Mouths: The Wicked Scary monster is covered in them.

  • Vomit Discretion Shot: After the candy leaves Cyborg sick, he moves his face out of shot to avoid vomiting in front of his friends.

  • Wasn't That Fun?: After Robin explains that the Titans were never in danger, because Raven's powers were subconsciously manifesting, Beast Boy asks Raven if she could do the scary stuff again for Halloween. She politely tells him, "I'm afraid not."

  • The Worf Effect: The monster quickly takes Robin, who is a Badass Normal. Starfire's powers and Cyborg's sonic cannon are useless against the summoned creatures to show how much of a threat they are.

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