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Expedition Antarctica Mobile Script

The winner receives a $10,000 grant that will assist them in the development of their feature-length script. In addition to the financial grant, the writer receives a year-long intensive writing fellowship and is provided with a creative advisor to serve as a mentor.

Expedition Antarctica Mobile Script

The award is named for award-winning writer and director Chinonye Chukwu. Her script Clemency appeared on the 2017 Athena List and she is an outstanding example for emerging writers. We are proud to have her as part of the Athena Film Festival family.

The Hand of Irulegi was first uncovered in 2021 during excavations at the base of Castillo de IRULEGIko gaztelua, near Pamplona, Spain. Experts suggest that the hand was created by the Vascones, a pre-Roman tribe that was believed to have no written language. A new study on the artefact has identified five Vasconic words across 40 characters, the earliest text in the Basque language, written in Iberian script. Find out more

Taking into account relative abundance of biotite in the local granitic rocks, we consider weathering to be responsible for the accumulation of mobile potassium and the dithionite- and oxalate-extractable iron in these soils, as far as biotite alteration is accompanied by release of both these elements from its interlayer and lattice. Biotite alteration is also the most important producer of iron-clay fine material in the studied soils. In the long run these weak but persistent weathering processes in the syn-sedimentary soils should also influence the mineralogical composition of sediments after multiple re-deposition stages. Robinson and Johnsson (1997) detected the impact of chemical alteration in the mineralogy of fluvial deposits in the cold arctic environment at the North slope of Alaska; they attributed it to the organic acid activity in the tundra soils which affect sedimentary material during the alluvial storage. On the regional scale this influence is visible in the clay mineral composition of the Schirmacher Oasis sediments studied by Srivastava et al., (2011): the samples from the lake margins have shown a high proportion of illite and presence of vermiculite that are most probably the products of recent biotite alteration in the soil environment.

Guest Author, Satellite Archaeologist, and Independent Researcher, William James Veall updates his recently published article on "Antarctica Writings" on Ancient Origins , to include an alternative perspective by epigrapher, educator and anthropologist, Dr Clyde Winters , Ph.D. Chicago, USA, concerning the identification and transliteration of the inscriptive material.

There is strong evidence of Linear Sumerian script in Bolivia, in the form of the enscribed Pokotia Monolith ; this makes a firm case for the presence of Sumerians in South America, at least, during the Tiahuanaco Early Intermediate Period 200 BC - AD 600, which eventually culminated sometime between AD 1000 and AD 1100.

Let's pick things up around 2014. At that point, the Halpern and Haskins (producers/writers on "Black-ish" and "The Mayor") script had made the rounds but not gotten anywhere. Then Susanna Fogel (director of "The Spy Who Dumped Me") came on the give it a pass. She made one of the characters gay and tweaked the plot from overachieving high-school girls trying to get boyfriends by prom, to overachievers realizing their two crushes are single and seeking them out at an after-prom party.

Ok l have a script a few years back who had read my script ann said it was material for the silver screen and he said he knew a producer flying into universal studios in Orlando Florida and he told me the producer would definitely buy it. The next day the guy dropped dead of a heart attack a day before the producer showed up. I wamted to cry. I got depressed and drug this script with me every where l moved. I am now in Las Vegas NV and at a loss what to do. A man read it and said it was so good he couldnt put it down and l need to get it out there as he gave it a 8.5 to 9 score.So now what?

Dear interested producers,Hi,I have written couple of movie scripts. I want to sell my work but wants to be the part in the production of this project. Please contact me at 203-565-1160 or email me at sunny.const@gmail.comThanks & Regards

I have a script about a young woman who is trying to find her Mr right in the world and she has to go on a long Journey to find love and happiness if any producers are interested in buying it contact me at

I have an exciting script of a boy who is born to a unmarried couple, he is raised by foster parents, when he grow up and comes to know that he is their foster son he decided to finds our for his real parents,if any one is interested in this script please contact me on my email adress

good am im angelita rivera parinas im 56 years old and im in philippine country 191 pritil ,guiguinto ,bulacan ,philippine this is my address i want to sell my true to life scripted story sir and mam please help me to make my work pad for movie film this is not a lie my true story and i have adifferent scripted story for outer space story of king and queen and the intire family in castle with the story of ancient century war of white and black ship in outer space i never copy it from any movie film im not a lier please help me how to submit my work im ordinary and new comer sir and mam my fb. is this is not a lie true only

I have the script, trailer, Emmy award winning DP and production crew, musical director for scoring, 90% of pre-production completed, and Hollywood quality cast. Please contact me or 832-439-0908.

Dear interested producers,Hi. I have two complete scripts, one is detective and the other is a drama, I am 15 years of film making experience in Africa, if you interested pleas contact me and just need to sell it, call me 6149722100,

Hi All, I would like to tell you that I want good horror script writer since I am going to make English feature Horror Movie soon with low budget. I am from India and I will shoot in India only.Kindly let me know if anybody are interested to be a part of it.

Hi All, I would like to tell you that I want good horror script writer since I am going to make English feature Horror Movie soon with low budget. I am from India and I will shoot in India only.Kindly let me know if anybody are interested to be a part of it. Please mail me on or WhatsApp me on +919632108063

Dear Sir/Madam,My name is Haron Thomas Nyandoro. Am an authoer from kenya. I have authored a very moving book by the tittle BLIND JUSTICE which is a true story to impact the world. I have written a screenplay on the same and i want it done a film.The story is about an innocent man arrested, tried and sentenced to death. He struggls to survive as days of execution draw near. The rest will move you to tears and nightmares .The attached file is the summary of the film and story. Tell me how to send you the book and the script. I can send them as soft copies.

i have a script to sell its about a broken vow it interesting but i can be reached via my email or mobile or +2349032249180 on reach me on voice call +4748615886

My Acknowledgement to producers and film makers , i am having scripts already written particularly the shot script of about Ten minutes to fifteen is set . my major drive is to communicate the internal radiance of the human mind using visuals. Its inspirational , am so sure it cuts barriers of all human race .I am unom Jeremiah . if you are interested, of which you are certainly . am sure . you can contact me through: 08155872252. Email:

Hello I have written two great Detective books of crime, love, suspense, and mystery. They are in kdp Amazon and e-book. I would love to turn them into scripts. 1.(Empty Memories) 2.(Unspoken Words), In search of the truth to, escape the nightmare. I would like to turn them into a movie or TV series. If you are interested please contact me through e-mail Booth of my books are sold online through Amazon, I am serious about doing business.

Dear Agent.My name is Stephen Atkinson and I am a new screenwriter. I was wondering if you would be interested in reading the script of my screenplay Alaska Incident, which is a fictional military mini-series for TV but can be turned into a movie script:Script is copyrighted with the United States copyright office and is registered with WGA. Should you wish to view the script in its entirety you will be able to view it at

hello I am heartofemotion from wattpad, I write outstanding novels esp historical fiction, the best out of them is zanilla, If you want it you can check it out on the internet Zanilla Wattpad heartofemotion, I promise you will love it, I will love to turn it into script

Hi My Name Omprakash GN My From India I have written couple of movie scripts.I have a saint sage saintly psychological script dating back to the ancient period 2000 years ago I would like to share my creative mind, which is full of faith based stories and scripts, with the one , who can produce the films and spread to the world.

Hi, my name is Athenkosi Sityotshwana, from South Africa. I am a newbie young man that just developed a story that could make millions. I know and believe that im gifted in writing, hence ive wrote this script. I still want to use my talent and develop more ideas as time goes by which ill work on it. I want to sell this script i have now. The script ive written has all the emotions meaning, hurt, romance, happily, emotional because i feel the story. Contact me on WhatsApp on 0847804822 or use my email These is where you could find me

I have a movie script about poor sanitation and how it can be tackled once and for all as a country only if we really want our country to be the cleanest in the whole world. Movie Producers from all over the world who are interested can contact/whatsup me on 0540912259.Thanks 041b061a72


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