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Jonathan Reed
Jonathan Reed

Hirens.bootcd.15.2 Manual Guidel

If the ISO file is located in same folder with the exe, then it will be automatically selected. Otherwise you can drag and drop the ISO file over the application window or you can select the ISO file manually.

Hirens.bootcd.15.2 Manual Guidel

Now that you've created your disk, it's time to boot into it on your computer. Chances are, your computer is set to boot from your hard drive first, so you'll need to manually tell it to load your CD or USB drive.

2.4 In cases where an identical ServaAsset.inf is able to boot/install more than one particular asset flavor, architecture, or version, we must consecutively list all the tested distributions in ServaAsset.inf header for reference purposes. Before use, the variables asset and platform must be manually edited accordingly to the particular distribution being booted/installed.


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