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1. The Gang Gets Racist 2021

Mac, Charlie, and Dennis have an awkward meeting with Sweet Dee's acting class crush, Terrell (Malcolm Barrett), when they find out he is African American. After finding out he is a club promoter, they decide to try to hire him to help Paddy's Pub bring in more customers. While talking about him, Charlie's crush, The Waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis), overhears him say something offensive out of context. Charlie and Mac go to a college campus and try to make friends with African American students in an attempt to prove they aren't racist, but Charlie ends up attracting Jennell (Telisha Shaw), one of the African American girls. Meanwhile, the bar sees huge business from Terrell's promotion, but they discover Terrell is gay, and the bar becomes one of the hottest gay bars in the city. Dee and Mac conspire to get Dennis, who is liking the attention from the gay men, drunk, to make it seem as if he has hooked up with one of the gay men, causing him to fire Terrell. Charlie tries to use Jennell to prove to the Waitress he isn't racist, but ends up getting both to hate him. Mac, trying to prove to the gang he isn't racist, ends up being the most offensive of all.

1. The Gang Gets Racist

Concerned with their non-diverse group of friends and recent accusations of racism, Charlie and Mac go to a nearby college campus at Temple University, to hopefully meet some new black friends. Mac fails, while Charlie fits in, and receives a phone number from one of the students, Janell, who shows interest in Charlie. Despite this, Charlie displays little mutual interest - believing that he and Mac should focus on befriending black men. Mac convinces Charlie to keep the phone number by proving that he is obsessed with The Waitress. Nevertheless, Charlie sees an opportunity to prove to the Waitress that he is not a racist. Charlie calls Janell and organizes a date, and takes her to the coffee shop, to try and prove to The Waitress that he is not racist. The Waitress informs Janell of Charlie's motivations, and Janell punches Charlie in the eye.

After closing hours, Mac tricks Dennis into continuously showing him the proper method of taking a tequila shot, getting Dennis to the point of being "blackout drunk"; Dee leaves to go find a few of her acting buddies. Dennis wakes up naked, next to a blonde man, and a black man coming out of his bathroom, and is appalled by the situation. Dennis storms back to the bar and informs the rest of the gang that he wants Paddy's to return to the way it was. While Dennis and Mac soon inform Terrell of their decision, Charlie remains defiant. During the discussion, Dee appears with Janell, who is revealed to be Terrell's sister.

Charlie insults Janell, and Mac makes an incredibly racist statement on accident, causing everyone in the room to become incredibly awkward. The episode ends with Mac and Dee counting the $114 they earned on a Saturday night - suggesting the bar is back to its normal and unsuccessful ways. While Mac thanks Dee for tricking Dennis into changing his mind, Dee informs him that she could not get in touch with her acting friends, and thus, Dennis' homosexual experiment was not staged.

Rob: Well, they thought that the gang gets racist would be more accessible. Which is unbelievable. Now, anybody that understands what we're trying to do with the show recognizes what we are trying to do with that particular episode. And I would venture to say that in a lot of ways we failed. It was--

(After Charlie throws away a girl's number)Mac: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing, dude?Charlie: What?Mac: What are you doing?Charlie: Ah.Mac: That girl is gorgeous. She's like the perfect opportunity to show that we are not racist. She probably has friends for me.Charlie: Well, come on. If anything, I think we should be focused on black men, first of all.Mac: What?!

And we also get an introduction to the game of games, Chardee MacDennis. An unhinged game for our unhinged gang, Chardee MacDennis is convoluted, nonsensical, but above all, captivating. Inspiring every friend group to create their own ridiculous game, "Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games" helped Season 7 achieve legendary status.

The pub becomes an overnight success when the gang accidentally turns it into a gay bar. Elsewhere, Charlie tries to prove to a crush that he's not racist after she catches him making an off-color comment.

There have been multiple times when the series has explored the topic of racism. From Season 1, Episode 1, "The Gang gets Racist," which went at the topic more head-on, to Season 12, Episode 1 "The Gang Turns Black," which made the gang look at being Black in America in a far more nuanced way. Even in the multiple moments when the Gang is in blackface, the show takes the opportunity to point out how wrong it is. Each controversial issue is put into a comedic situation and then broken down into its simplest factors.

IMDb Episode Synopsis: The gang discovers that if you run for office, people will pay you to quit. So of course, the gang exploits this and Dennis runs for office. At the same time Frank and Charlie try to stop this, which ends up in a feud.

IMDb Episode Synopsis: After stumbling upon a kilo of cocaine, the gang is forced to pay off a $25,000 debt to the mob. Mac becomes a mob informant, while Frank pimps out Dennis as an escort at the local country club. Charlie stumbles upon an opportunity to sell illegal narcotics.

What follows is an examination of the history and nature of the skinhead movement, prepared with the needs of law enforcement officers in mind, a glossary of common skinhead terms, a timeline, and a gallery of insignias and tattoos commonly used by racist skinheads.

As the skin hues of Europe and North America have darkened with steady post-World War II immigration from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, a nativist backlash has appeared in both mainstream and extremist forms. The skinhead movement is the most violent and ideologically crude form of this backlash. Depending on the country, racist skinheads may have shadowy ties to radical parties participating in electoral politics. Skinhead groups in the U.S. lack such connections, but for those unlucky enough to encounter them on a darkened street, this does not make them any less fearsome.

The neo-Nazi skinhead phenomenon spread quickly to the United States. By the early 1980s, skinhead activity was reported in Texas and the Midwest, among other places. But the movement only started gaining national attention during the last third of the decade. It was then that skinhead gangs like the Dallas Hammerskins made a splash with violent racist attacks on immigrants and blacks.

But Martell had merely proven he was ahead of his time, and his defeat was local. When he first started recruiting for CASH, there were likely fewer than 200 racist skinheads in the United Sates. By 1989, when he was convicted of home invasion, aggravated battery, and robbery and sentenced to 11 years in prison, there were an estimated 3,000.

But the fourth decade of skinheads in America finds skinhead groups growing. The number of skinhead groups has increased dramatically in recent years, totaling 133 by 2012. These new groups are defined by a violent gangster ethos that is only partly informed by racist and neo-Nazi ideology.

Across Europe, radical parties are on the rise, exploiting fears over immigration. In several of these countries, associations have been traced between skinhead gangs and parties with representatives in regional and national bodies.

Circa 1969The original skinhead subculture explodes among urban, working-class youths in Britain, combining style elements drawn from white "Mods" and West Indian "Rudeboys." Though tinged with soccer hooliganism, traditional skinhead culture is not racist (to this day, there are black "trad" skins).

Early 1980sBritish skinhead scene factionalizes. White power skinheads develop a separate subculture based on the white nationalist music of "Rock Against Communism" bands like Skrewdriver, Skullhead, and No Remorse who opposed the "Rock Against Racism" concerts of anti-racist skins.

Circa 1986Romantic Violence, also known as CASH (Chicago Area Skinheads), takes form as one of the first true racist skinhead gangs in the United States, followed in short order by the Confederate Hammerskins in Dallas.

Members of the Confederate Hammerskins patrol Robert E. Lee Park in Dallas, beating any non-white they come across. The gang is ultimately linked to 40 crimes, including the vandalism of a Dallas synagogue. Police foil a plot by armed Hammerskins to destroy Jewish businesses on Nov. 9, the 50th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Nazi pogrom also known as the "Night of Broken Glass."

Sixty-seven alleged members of the skinhead gang Public Enemy Number 1 are arrested on charges including illegal weapons and drugs, forgery and identity theft. The gang reportedly had a hit list that targeted local police officers and a prosecutor.

2009Hate group membership rises in the wake of the election of President Obama. Authorities see an increased crossover between skinhead crews and motorcycle gangs, spurring organized criminal activity.

Those who are critical of anti-fascist organizing often say that violent racist organizations are waning and that domestic struggles are not comparable to those in European countries. However, as the demographics of North America shift radically, we have seen a reactionary core reclaiming fascist traditions. While white nationalism is rapidly increasing, its new reliance on pseudo- academic rhetoric and internet subcultures mean that it often goes under the radar for the radical left. Those on the anti-racist left are scrambling to redefine an anti-fascist movement that is both effective and ideologically grounded as the opposition becomes a chameleon. Movements allied with feminism, queer liberation, anti-racism, and other intersectional movements are touched by this growing reactionary force, which sees each of these struggles as enemies in their battle to retain dominance. As violence continues to explode at Trump rallies and as white nationalists become more emboldened to come out of the shadows, even beyond the confines of the American border, the anti-fascist movement has erupted and grown far beyond the parameters of its history. This struggle is not a new one, nor is organized racism new to Europe, Canada, or the US, which places the new tactics and ideas of anti-fascism and anti-racism inside a continuity that traces itself to before WWII. 041b061a72


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