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Buy Street Sweeper

Whether you are adding to an already existing fleet or searching for your first sweeper, it is essential to know what to look for before taking the plunge. To help you out, here is our guide to getting the best deal on your new street sweeper.

buy street sweeper

More advanced models like regenerative air sweepers tend to cost more since they use newer technologies. Regenerative air sweepers work by blowing bursts of air onto the pavement to loosen fine particles. The machine then vacuums this debris back into its storage hopper, where it remains until disposal.

The cost-effectiveness of your street sweeper ultimately depends on two things: how you use the sweeper and how well you maintain it. Most street sweepers are functional for about four to seven years, but their life spans can vary depending on these factors.

Concerning the environmental benefits a sweeper can have on your community, this equipment is exceptionally cost-effective. Sweeping is necessary for removing leaves, dust and other debris from roads and paved surfaces. Still, many people are unaware that street sweepers also remove harmful chemicals from these public spaces. This process directly benefits public and environmental health, which is priceless.

Street sweepers are big investments. Buying one is the start of a business relationship with your dealer, as they will be your point of contact for parts and servicing moving forward. To ensure proper sweeper truck upkeep, you will need to make sure you will have access to repairs, regular maintenance and replacement parts.

Choosing a user-friendly street sweeper can save you time and money by reducing your need for extensive training. Consider your current equipment. How comfortable do your operators feel while using it? If you or your operators find it is consistently difficult to use, it may be time to look for a simpler machine.

Knowing what you need is key to finding the right sweeper for the job. After all, each model has its advantages and considerations, so it is best to think about how these factors will affect your operation. Questions to answer include:

With all the options out there, making a decision can be overwhelming. Setting a budget limits your pool of potential choices, which can make the selection process much easier to manage. Industrial cleaning equipment is a big purchase, both initially and over time. However, if you go into the process with your budget in mind, you can find your ideal sweeper even within your allotted funds.

The Wrasse magnet is the most economical choice for a street sweeper magnet. The Wrasse comes in three different magnet strengths and different widths to suit your budget and needs. We recommend the largest strength option (4.5x4.5) for street sweepers.

You might consider making your list, then going back through it and assigning weightings to each factor. These weightings could involve a sorting into three groups. One way to do this would be to list a small group called 'must have' or 'fatal flaws,' and larger groups labeled 'should or should not have' and 'would like or would prefer to avoid.' Make the factors as objective and specific as possible. For example, if 'picks up wet leaves' is a 'must have,' verify with the manufacturer, and with references, that the sweeper is effective at this task.

The Schwarze A9000 Street Sweeper is a heavy duty, chassis-mounted regenerative air sweeper with a 9.6 cubic yard hopper. The A9000 sweeper was introduced in 2003 and its basic design is build from the Schwarze A7000 sweeper, which has had over 15 years of successful operation throughout the United States and around the world. The A9000 sweeper's Schwarze-exclusive WhisperWheelsm blower system generates a high velocity air column, which is propelled into the top of the sweeping head through a 14-inch blast tube. The air is first pressurized in the upper chamber of the sweeping head, then expelled into the head's lower chamber through what is called a "blast orifice". This is a slot in the sweeping head that forces the air against the pavement at an angle, creating a "peeling" or "knifing" effect. This high volume air blast loosens the debris from the pavement surface, then transports it across the width of the sweeping head and lifts it into the containment hopper via a 14-inch suction tube. This highly efficient system ensures that even hard-to-reach particles hidden within pavement cracks and irregularities are removed, including the "PM-10 fines" known to contain a high percentage of heavy metals and other pollutants. Double-belted curtains on the front and rear of the sweeping head contain the circulating air flow to assure debris transfer with minimal escape of fugitive dust. In contrast to mechanical broom sweepers, the A9000 sweeper collects the micron-sized contaminants that accumulate on roads and streets. Recent studies emphasize the importance of removing these "PM-10 fines" due to the non-point source pollutants that contribute to stormwater runoff. Using the regenerative air Schwarze A9000 sweeper results in a cleaner street and a cleaner environment.

As one of the largest, most powerful air sweepers in existence, the Schwarze A9000 sweeper is an ideal choice for use in a wide range of demanding road sweeping applications. The A9000 sweeper is ideal for use in areas with a heavy leaf sweeping season and where distance to the dumpsite is a factor, because of its expansive hopper size. In addition, the A9000 sweeper has as option the Mechani-Pneumatic Powerhood. The central feature of this Mechani-Pneumatic Powerhood is a windrowing mechanical broom which is positioned ahead of the blast orifice of the sweeping head, allowing for better cleaning action of both heavy materials and the fines which are known to be trapped under caked debris.

Elgin Pelican street sweepers are built by Standard Equipment Company of Elmhurst. According to the memo to the board, the current street sweeper has a useful life of 8-10 years. The most recent, February 2022 inspection found $24,000 in repairs it would need to safely operate. While waiting for repairs, its conveyer seized up, requiring, $718 in emergency repairs.

When it was taken offline for repairs in early June, Standard Equipment discovered that the frame was severely rusted and would cost another $25,000 to replace. Welding the frame together would fix the problem, but it would only last until the end of this year. The village agreed to this fix to get the street sweeper back in service as soon as possible.

Voogd has been continuously urging the village to adopt more environmentally friendly practices, including equipment purchases. During the June 13 meeting, she asked the village to give Stella a few more weeks to research for electric street sweepers.

The new street sweeper will cost Forest Park $259,800, with the village getting $20,000 off for agreeing to trade in the previous street sweeper. The new street sweeper is expected to be built by November 2022.

For more information on street sweeping and where to buy street sweepers for your city, contact Southern Vac today. We offer a variety of sweepers for sale and rent and will be happy to provide a free quote.

Earlier this week, East Orange officials announced that the city has purchased five state-of-the-art" street sweepers. The purchase will allow the city to bring street sweeping back in-house for the first time in nearly two decades.

The city's decision to purchase the new fleet came after "many resident complaints" about the company previously responsible for street sweeping, Newark-based Dejana Industries. According to municipal officials, the move will save the city nearly $2 million per year and employ several local residents.

The Schwarze A4 Storm is a compact, non-CDL chassis mounted regenerative air street sweeper that is ideal for smaller towns, university campuses and large industrial complexes. Its Isuzu NPR chassis offers unmatched maneuverability, operator visibility and comfort.

The M4 Cascade has many features of the popular M6 Avalanche, but in a smaller, non-CDL unit. The M4 Cascade was designed based on feedback from contractors and municipalities who needed a mechanical sweeper that can be operated without a CDL. The M4 keeps the performance of the M6 and just scales down the size.

Bike lanes, like roadways, require frequent street sweeping to rid them of dangerous debris and obstacles. In fact, such maintenance is perhaps even more critical on paths used by two-wheeled vehicles.

The City Council voted unanimously this week to buy an approximately $250,000 electric mini-sweeper that would enable the city to finally install separators along bike lanes while still maintaining the road surface.

As Akmon continued, the new mini-street sweeper is all that was preventing the city from moving forward with its current plan to create the separated bike lines that would keep cars away from bikes, scooters, and other micromobility vehicles and their operators:

Please be advised, the dates of next sweeping apply only to residential streets and are highly subject to change, due to weather and numerous other factors beyond the City's control. They represent staff's best estimate, given progress as of today. Please check back often. Projected dates become more accurate as the dates draw near.

The six-figure sum has been allocated to purchase the new equipment, said Seattle Department of Transportation spokesman Rick Sheridan, because transportation workers found that traditional street sweepers were too large for the new Capitol Hill cycle track, which is separated from the street and the sidewalk.

The actual price of the equipment may be slightly less, Sheridan added. Portland recently bought a similar street sweeper for about $210,000, said Diane Dulken with the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

\"To me, it's nuts. I've been here 45 years now,\" said Capitol Hill business owner Denny Aker. \"The word 'study' bothers me. Everybody thinks that you don't need a car to live in Seattle anymore.\"Aker owns an auto repair shop on Broadway, where the city has been building the cycle track, along with the First Hill Streetcar line. Aker has lost parking spots out front - and, he says, business from his bottom line.\"It's just not friendly to business. Let's put it that way,\" he added.About 10 blocks east, Daniel Malony spent part of Friday repairing bicycles at 20\/20 Cycle. He had mixed feelings about the city's budget for a mini street sweeper.\"Leaves can mess you up, for sure,\" he said. \"You see glass here in the streets for months on end. (But) I feel like there's probably a better way the city could spend their transportation budget. People get more flats from potholes than from glass.\"The city council is slated to vote on the 2014 budget - including the transportation funding - on Monday. Detailed expenses can be found here. 041b061a72


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