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Baron Samedi Rum Where To Buy

Baron Samedi shook up the rum category. In 2016 Baron Samedi launched in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Campari has created a world around the Baron, including elaborate parties and virtual reality experiences where consumers can interact with creatures featured on the packaging. According to Campari America, brand interaction, engagement, and sales are strong and continue to grow.

baron samedi rum where to buy

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What's better than a cold drink on a sweltering hot day? Nothing, that's what. I've thrown together a few of my favourite drinks for those hot summer days, you know the ones where your shirt sticks to your back and you would rather dump the cold drink on your head. Let me know on IG or Snapchat (theposhman) which cocktail's your favourite. For the rum drinks i'm using Baron Samedi Rum, which is brand new to Canada. Hope you enjoy! 041b061a72


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