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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - Th...

Shadow of the Tomb Raider was designed to evolve the narrative and gameplay elements of Lara Croft; in the 2013 reboot she was portrayed as a hunted survivor, Rise of the Tomb Raider revealed her beginning to pursue her own goals, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider was designed to show her mastering the environment. The story closes off the rebooted origin story, with Lara becoming "the tomb raider she was always meant to be".[17] Narrative director Jason Dozois defined this as being Lara's ultimate "tomb raider" persona within the reboot timeline rather than a return to the character of Lara from games prior to 2013:[18]

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Th...


So far, we've seen Lara develop from a wide-eyed adventurer into the gritty tomb raider we all know and love. But in Shadow, you get to see a whole new side of Lara, the side that interacts with people other than Jonah, other important tertiary allies and main villains. And wow, is she freakin' awkward. Yes, I understand she feels super guilty for unleashing the Mayan apocalypse upon the world, but Lara's people skills leave something to be desired. 041b061a72


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