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[S1E9] We've Got Spirit ^NEW^

I want to talk first about the freaks and their newfound school spirit. At the beginning of the episode, Daniel makes a snide comment about all of the hype surrounding the McKinley/Lincoln game. He claims that the jocks think they own the place, and you get the sense that his disgust is more about feeling left out than not appreciating the sport.

[S1E9] We've Got Spirit

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Anyway, the way all of this relates back to Freaks and Geeks is that when Ken, Daniel, and Kim finally went to the game, and when their more mainstream classmates saw the freaks showing their true school spirit, they were accepted into the group. For the 48 minutes of game time, at least, everyone in the school had something in common. Sports. The great equalizer.

Elsa's spirit made her the first Dutton warrior, and I'm not ready to say goodbye. So, will the foreboding of death (possibly at the hands of her parents) come to be, or will she be spared like all of the future Duttons who have come before her?

Sam is haunted by a vision of a woman trapped in his childhood house and convinces a reluctant Dean that they need to go home. Upon arrival, they meet the woman in Sam's premonition and she reveals that the house is haunted. Looking into their personal history, the brothers discover their father had visited a psychic (guest star Loretta Devine, "Waiting to Exhale," "Crash") after their mother's death and they turn to the same woman for answers of their own. Together they discover a malevolent poltergeist has inhabited the house and set out to exorcise it, but are blindsided when another unseen spirit steps in.

What if we told you your imaginary friend from childhood wasn't that imaginary?No, we're not talking about ghosts here (though if you want to know all about them you can listen to episodes 7 and 8). We're talking about wise energetic beings in charge of guiding and supporting you in this human experience. You guessed it! We're referring to your spirit guides!

In today's episode, Andrea and Jessica bust through the myths of who your spirit guides really are, how many we can have, and what their mission is.They also take us back to their early memories and experiences with their spirit guides and share their best tips to build a solid connection with them.Your spirit guides are your ultimate backup team! Want to learn how to invite them into your life? Listen until the end of this episode and join our hosts in a practical call-in exercise!

In this episode, we cover: -What spirit guides are.-Who makes up your spirit team.-How to initiate connection with your spirit guides.-Finding out your spirit guide's name.-Strengthening your relationship with your spirit guides.-A fun calling in exercise!

STEPHANIE FOO: The friend brought his cards over and started to lay them out on the table. Right away he said he could sense a spirit in the house, and that it would answer yes or no questions through the cards.

STEVE: See, this is when I'm going to sound unstable. I'm talking to the spirit. I'm saying out loud, "It's OK for you to be here. I'd prefer if you weren't, but if we're going to stay here and coexist, you can't do things that are scary or dangerous."

STEVE: If something would fall, I would giggle and just think, "Oh, that's the spirit again. OK." Because I felt like the spirit was adhering to my plea for it to just be, "Don't hurt me. Don't scare me so bad I can't sleep. Don't make me worry about my daughter upstairs sleeping, or something in my house breaking." It seemed like we had found a common ground.

Voices is the ninth episode of the first season of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on November 18, 2005. The episode was written by John Belluso and directed by Kevin Hooks, and recieved a total of 12.05 million viewers. Melinda finds a mother's lost spirit through electronic voice phenomenon, and then works with the woman to reconcile with her son and help him deal with his father.

The episode begins with static and a message saying "Do Not Adjust Your Television. The Sounds You Are Hearing Are Real Recordings of Electronic Voice Phenomena - [EVP] Otherwise Known As White Noise". Then it cuts to Grandview Square at night and Melinda and Jim are walking along holding hands, coming back from a dinner date. Melinda asks if Jim is picking his mom up from the train the next day, but Jim tells her his mom insisted on getting a cab. Melinda and Jim reach where their car was supposed to be, but it isn't there and Jim insists that was the spot he parked it. Melinda and Jim aren't happy, and Jim calls the police to report the stolen car. At 415 Ovington Avenue, the police have found Jim's car and have arrested a young teenage boy for joyriding it. The police ask if they want to press charges against him, just as the boy's father comes up to them and tells them his son is going through a troublemaker phase and asks them not to press charges. Melinda says no one got hurt and that's all that matters and her and Jim decide not to press charges. Melinda stares at the boy, who gives her a long cold stare back. Jim and Melinda leave, and while driving along the road, Melinda flicks through the radio stations. She then begins hearing some static sounds and asks Jim to pull over. He does so and he hears the static, and Melinda tells him they are spirit voices and that she can feel them. They begin to listen more intently and hear a woman's voice saying "I am here!".

The next day, Melinda walks into her house with groceries, asking if there is a sexy paramedic in the house. With no answer, Melinda presses the voicemail button on the phone and has 4 new messages. The first is a man from the dry cleaners telling her that her dry cleaning is ready, the second is Andrea, telling Melinda she was right about the estate sale and to give her a call. The third is for Jim from Bobby asking if he can take a shift for him, and the fourth is static where Melinda can hear a spirit voice. Jim comes up behind Melinda which gives her a shock. Melinda hands Jim the phone for him to hear, and Melinda gets a headache all of a sudden. A knock at the door makes Jim answer and it's his mother, Faith, who walks in and gives Jim a hug. A man carrying her bag drops them off at the door and Jim gives him some money for doing so and closes the door. Faith tells him he just tipped her friend Ellis and opens the door to let Ellis in. Faith introduces him to everyone before he has to go and get another bag. Jim asks who he is and Faith tells him he is her 'special friend' instead of calling him her boyfriend. Ellis comes back and Jim seems a bit upset about him.

Many of the channels we look at are digital, so we can look in a very informed way at which things are working and which are not. Like I said, we've tried a lot of things we've learned what works and what doesn't more importantly, so we try to double down on the things that do work. We think that we've had some pretty good success thus far. 041b061a72


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