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Donna Summer " Spring Affair " ( Album Version )

"Spring Affair" is a song by American singer and songwriter Donna Summer from her 1976 album Four Seasons of Love. The song (which represents the "spring" phase of the concept album) tells of the beginning of a new relationship. "Spring Affair" is more than eight minutes long, though it was edited for release as a single. The song peaked at number 15 in Spain singles charts and number 3 in Spain Radio chart.[1]

Donna Summer " Spring Affair " ( Album Version )

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The single released in 1976 was 3:15, when it was re-released in 1980 as the B side to "Walk Away" it was also 3:15 but the version on "Endless Summer" and "Gold" is 3:56/3:57. Does anyone know the origin of this edit? I even checked out the soundtrack to "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" - I discovered that contains the album version.

Donna Summer was known mainly for her disco hits. But most people only know the singles that played on the radio. She has a full catalog of songs that dominated the club scene in the late 70s, even if those songs never fully crossed over to radio. In particular, her concept album Four Seasons of Love is a disco masterpiece. Telling the story of a love affair through the four seasons, she took inspiration from Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett O'Hara for a series of sultry songs like "Spring Affair" and "Autumn Changes."

Of course, if you want a disco deep dive you'll need to listen the 12-inch single versions of many of her singles, like "I Feel Love." These were the records DJs played in clubs, and many of Summer's extended singles were released on these. Another of these includes Summer's duet with Barbara Streisand, recorded for Streisand's album Wet and for Summer's compilation album On the Radio. The women never performed it live after it was record, but Streisand included it in her 2012 tour after Summer's death. 041b061a72


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