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[S1E6] The Girl Who Deals With A Pervert

The next morning, she girls get Tyra Mail that says they will be going to Wilhelmina Models. There, they meet with Pink (not the singer), who is the director of the women's division. He helps build the models portfolios. He thinks Elyse's snake photo is stunning, he likes that Adrianne came in with her hair pulled back, he loves Robin's southern accent, and he likes Shannon and Kesse's rooftop photos.

[S1E6] The Girl Who Deals with a Pervert

The next morning, Tyra meets up with the girls at a restaurant. She explains that this was the city that started her career, and she wanted them to live in a cramped hotel because that's how the real modeling world is. When the girls get home, there is a Tyra Mail.

The girls go to a building near the Eiffel Tower, and they get ready for a shoot with Wonderbra. The photographer is Michel Haddi, and they are surprised with a male model joining them. Shannon is up first, and is flustered. When she finds out it was Brad Pinkert, she freaks out. Michel thinks she has a beautiful face, but she looked lost, Elyse reminded him of a fawn, Kesse looked too scared and unconfident, Adrianne did great, and Robin looked insecure.

After the shoot, Brad visits the girls and asks if they want to have dinner with him. They all answer yes and Shannon is the most excited. Later, at the restaurant, Brad tells Shannon he was flattered by her, and Robin suggests the two go on a date. After their date, Shannon joins the rest of the girls in the hotel and reads Tyra Mail.

Jovonnie and Charlie discuss Cycle 1 Episode 6 with special guest Dexine Martin (@DexineMartin), in which the girls contend with baiting, 'bating, bras, Brad Pinkert, and "The Big Baguette," while we cover our standard segments Judging the Judges, ANTM Contribution to Pop Culture, and Cringe of the Week.

During the first meeting of the Newspaper Club, Tsukune and company are introduced to Ginei Morioka, whose superficial charm is to crowd out Tsukune, framing him as the mysterious peeper who's been looking at the girls around school. As Kurumu and Yukari work to illuminate the real culprit and clear Tsukune's name, Moka ponders who Tsukune truly is in her heart. Gin arrives and tries making a move on Moka, but Yukari and Kurumu arrive as well and point out several flaws in Gin's story, proving he is the culprit. During a battle with Inner Moka, Ginei shows his true colors and form but finds that his powers do not enable him to outrun and outwit the consequences for his voyeurism and general lecherous conduct. The next day, they put out fliers exposing Gin as the peeping tom and clearing Tsukune's name. Moka kicks Tsukune after he nearly looks up her skirt again and ends up sucking his blood.

Elsewhere, Gin is watching two girls change in the locker room and overhears them talking about the possibility of Tsukune and Moka being a couple as she is usually seen kissing him on the neck (which is actually just Moka sucking his blood). Gin screams out in terror at the idea, drawing attention to himself. However, he quickly vanishes just as Tsukune walks by. The Narrator Bat mentions the fact that Tsukune got the "wrong time, wrong place squee." The girls decide he was peeping on him without any further thought as Tsukune defends himself, stating he was just walking by. Gin, who is sitting on the roof, decides to strike while the iron's hot as he now knows a sure way to get Tsukune away from Moka.

Tsukune is then led to the side of a building, where Gin tells him to use a drum to look into a window. Gin tells Tsukune that he is infatuated with Moka and wants her to be his girl. Tsukune wonders why Gin is telling him this and realizes that the window belongs to the girl's locker room. Gin takes an instant picture and threatens to show it to Moka if Tsukune breathes a word of what happened. Tsukune is then knocked out by a can of hairspray from inside the locker room. The girls find him and accuse him of being the peeper; Tsukune tries to defend himself when Moka arrives and hears what happened, but slips up again. The girls then proceed to pummel him unconscious.

That night, Moka is on the school roof, wondering what is going on with Tsukune just as Gin arrives. Gin tells her that he can help her forget about Tsukune and tries kissing her. Moka pushes him away and Gin decides to show her the picture he took, saying it has been going around the campus. Moka's shocked reaction seems to awaken Tsukune, who was still unconscious outside the locker room. Gin tells Moka that Tsukune is such a desperate peeper, he moved a drum just to look inside. Kurumu and Yukari (dressed as detectives) arrive and point out the drum Tsukune is supposedly standing on is not in the picture as well as there been eyewitness reports of him moving drums to the window prior to the incident; the girls removed them afterwards to prevent a repeat performance. In desperation to frame Tsukune good Gin blew multiple holes in his framejob and his own brittle alibi. With all the evidence pointing it out, Kurumu and Yukari accurately declare Gin the true peeper. Gin moves back in shock at having been discovered, dropping several pictures he took while peeping.

In their hotel, Robin was picked by draw to sleep on the floor, much to her dismay. They had a lingerie shoot for Wonder Bra with male model (Brad Pinkert from Buffalo, NY) whom Shannon had a crush on, and each girl was given the opportunity to go on several "go-sees" to impress Parisian designers.

At home, Shinji, the student council president, is mocked by his brother and mother at how useless he is compared to his perfect brother. The next day, he calls Ritsu and plants a girls recorder on Tenga's desk, explaining that they will get rid of the delinquent and then displace all the other recorders. Meanwhile, Tenga is with Musashi Goda, who attempts to change Tenga, and he accepts the challenge. In the classroom, the students were getting upset as someone messed with their recorders, and Shinji explained they would look into it. Tenga enters the room, and Ritsu finds parts of the recorders on his desk. Shinji blames Tenga and Ritsu finds more recorders in his bag. Tenga tries to deny it, but everyone starts calling him a pervert. Consequently, Tenga loses his perfect attendance.

Tensions erupted in the loft between the Christians - Robin and Shannon - and several other contestants, especially concerning Elyse's atheism and Ebony's homosexuality. After a runway lesson with J. Alexander, Giselle won the reward for doing the best on the runway. She got to meet Wyclef Jean, and she picked Adrianne, Nicole and Katie to accompany her much to Ebony's dismay. When Ebony decided not tell them about the Tyra Mail which arrived while they were out, the Christians went down to the hotel's lobby and told the other girls about the Tyra Mail. The next day Robin, to ease the tension among the girls, decided to make a group prayer, irritating Elyse, who went to the confessional and proceeded to vent her anger towards other contestants.

The seven remaining contestants were challenged to polish their acting skills. The reward challenge, a line-reading challenge, was won by Robin, who took Kesse and Shannon to get a spa treatment. The other girls were left to clean the apartment while the spa experts came to them and gave them their spa treatments in the apartment. Ebony was angry with Giselle after she exhibited laziness by not helping the others clean, and asked the masseur for an impromptu massage instead. Ebony's girlfriend, Ka visited her and although most of the girls were polite and introduced themselves, Shannon and Robin chose to stay in their room and read the Bible, which Ebony took offense to and felt that they were being hypocritical and homophobic. Shannon later apologized to Ebony for coming across as bigoted and even herself admitted that she needed to become more tolerant of people with different sexual orientations if she planned on pursuing a modeling career in the fashion industry.

The girls were taught how to answer interview questions in this episode, and they had one-on-ones with a coach. While Elyse was being interviewed, the other girls gossiped about her weight and talked about incidents which they believed proved that she had an eating disorder. At the challenge, the contestants tried to impress a tough interviewer, and Elyse's candid and outspoken remarks won her the opportunity to invite one of her loved ones to New York for a brief visit. She selected Adrianne to share her prize, who broke down into tears, stating that her mother had never been to New York and that her family never had enough money to travel.

The five remaining contestants were told that they would be flying to Paris, the fashion capital of the world. In their hotel, Robin was picked by draw to sleep on the floor, much to her dismay. They had a lingerie shoot for Wonder Bra with male model Brad Pinkert, and each girl was given the opportunity to go on several "go-sees" to impress Parisian designers.

Yumeko remembers her and thanks her for saving them in Episode 4. Midari reminds her of the 310 million yen she hasn't paid back and decides to "arrest" her and take Ryota with her as well. They were dragged into an interrogation in the basement of the school, and Midari tells Yumeko that she won't be challenging the president but if she's serious about it, then she should challenge her beforehand. Yumeko agrees and then asks what game they will be playing. Figuring that Yumeko would say that, Midari then goes on how they're alike calling her a pervert that gets excited from gambling leading to Yumeko getting embarrassed and denying that. Ryota looks at her on why she's acting like that when he knows that what Midari said is true. Midari then explains that they will be playing the ESP card guessing game where they guess how the dealer is gonna line up five cards. You get a point for every card you guess correctly and whoever has the most points wins. Yumeko asks how much money is bet, but Midari tells her that money won't be a reward in this game. For each round won, the winner gets to pull the trigger of a revolver they randomly pick out of a box. Ryota thinks that they're gonna be using blanks or rubber bullets, but Midari shoots in between his legs proving that they're gonna be using real bullets. Midari then guarantees that no one will know about what occurs and that if one manages to shoot the other, that person will immediately be taken to the hospital. 041b061a72


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