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Firefly Roleplaying Game Pdf 72 ((TOP))

Each player starts each game session with one plot point, but there are several ways to get more. Pretty much all of the Distinctions (more on those later) can give out plot points. If a PC rolls a Jinx, the GM can give the PC a plot point to create a Complication (more on those in a moment). And the GM can hand them out if the player is awesome in some fashion. Plot points are quite versatile, and can be used to activate certain Distinction abilities, create an Asset that lasts until the end of the scene (or for the rest of the episode, for two plot points), add a third or subsequent die to the die roll (chosen after knowing the roll and possibly after knowing the target number, so a very potent function), or not getting Taken Out.

Firefly Roleplaying Game Pdf 72

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Serenity has to be one of the most anticipated movies aside from Star Wars, and to top it off it was no where near as disappointing. Whedon took what made his short lived show Firefly such a hit and converted it masterfully to the big screen, and as with any big film there has to be merchandise, from comics to toys to CD soundtrack and for those of us gamers out there the eventual RPG. So of course the question here is how is it? And the answer is as good as the movie if not better.

Not all great licenses make great RPGs just on principle. After all like most game formats certain elements work better than others. LARPS for example require lots of social interaction and more tension than combat, thus a LARP based on the game HALO is probably a bad idea, even though the world of HALO is excellent, and Larps are not inherently bad.

This all being said The Serenity Universe is one of the few series I have seen that seems tailor made for roleplaying. The protagonists are in every way a picture perfect example of what you want in an RPG party. From players who focus on one skill to balance out the party (like Wash) to NPC types that tend to be there simply to lead the party in a direction (River). Also the crew of serenity do not seem incredibly “special” Where Luke Skywalker single handedly issues in the New Jedi order, and Captain Kirk, is the youngest man ever to Captain a Starship, and of Course Jeffrey Sinclair was Messiah to an alien race, Malcolm and his crew are simply normal. This also helps as you feel a lot more confident playing in a universe where Malcolm and company didn’t save the universe and effectively do the most interesting things in the universe. A common complaint of game like Lord of the Rings or Dragonlance, The big Middle Earth shaking events already took place what can we do? In Serenity, the answer is a whole hell of a lot. But enough proselytizing, I’m probably preaching to the choir here, and what you want to know about is the game itself.

A full color 224 page manual, the rulebook looks as good production wise as most WOTC or Mongoose products. Laid out in lots of earth tones and decently cleat to read. The book contains a lot of photos all from the movie (probably part of their agreement with Universal). The few art pieces (Mostly maps) are clean and serviceable, nothing grand, but again not bad to look at, and it still gives you a good feel for the world. The terminology in the game is handled beautifully written in a tone that is informal enough to be interesting, but tight enough to drill all of the important facts about the game home. The game system itself is based off of the Sovereign Stone game system (which I have never even looked at.) However for those of you familiar with Savage Worlds, you will find the system to be similar, at least in the idea of using die steps.

Stats in Serenity are based on dice ranging from d4 (weak) to d12 (great) levels above d12, add more dice (D12+d2, d12+d4 etc) Stepping back a second yeah serenity makes use of something called a d2, (O.K. flip a coin call heads 1 and tails 2, or take a d6/3 or make a die from a blank it’s up to you.) but this is kind of rare. In most tests, players will be asked to roll dice (stat plus skill) versus a difficulty number, if you get 7 over the number it is a spectacular success. (Much like a raise or the like, this means you do the job and then some, extra damage, or a bigger smile from that lady you’re seducing etc.)Dice in this game are always added. So in the case of a skill check you roll all the dice and add together for the result. When building a character, you are given a pool of points (based on your campaign level) to divide between stats, and assets (which are advantages or feats) and you may gain a few points by taking complications (disadvantages) however assets and complications have set values based on severity (2 points for minor and 4 for major) and Complications must be played out to gain plot points (more on those later).

Skills come off of their own pool that is based on the pool you used for stats +20 points. For example a character in a high level game (big damn hero level) would get 54 points for stats, and 74 for skills. Specializations for skills are handled in a unique and realistic way. After buying a skill up to a d6, you may no longer buy up the general skill, and instead may only spend points to specialize. This means that players cannot become a walking weapons platform without spending buku points in every gun combat specialization they can think of. It also means that for characters that want a bit of knowledge but don’t see themselves as more than dabblers, they don’t have to go into skill areas other than the basic, which to me seems both realistic and rather simple.

As for combat, Serenity does a good job here too, nothing flashy, it is based directly off of the same resolution system as all other skills in the game and damage is based on the weapon type, normal weapon damage divides between Life points (when you reach 0 you are dead) and Stun points (when you reach 0 you are knocked out) favoring stun if necessary, some weapons will do nothing but life damage (especially damaging ones) and others (such as the alliance sonic stunners,) do only stun damage. Again nothing particularly earth shattering but it’s easy and reasonably realistic. Like so many system Serenity also has, they work in essence like every other form of extra dice points (Willpower in World of Darkness, Bennies in Savage Worlds, Hero points in Mutants and Masterminds etc.) Points can be spent to add an additional die/dice to rolls before you roll (the amount of plot points determine what type of die) or add one point to the total after you roll. (Example: if you are told to make a roll and spend 3 plot points, you will gain an additional D6 to roll, if you wait until after the roll 3 plot points will only up the total you rolled by a straight 3). As a whole I have to give the system a solid 3, out of 5, If you are a die hard fanatic for one system or another, Serenity’s system probably isn’t going to change your mind, but if you are O.K. with trying different games, Serenity is far from a disappointing set of rules. I won’t be converting my Champions campaign to this system any time soon, but nor will I convert Serenity to the Hero system.

However if you were to convert, there is still one big reason to buy this game, it’s source material. Before Serenity, I wrote an unofficial Savage Worlds Firefly rules set, so I think I know the universe pretty good. There was a wealth of good information of the Serenity/Firefly universe, more than any source I have found to date, at least more official information that is. The last chapter of the book has an excellent gazetteer of the ‘Verse as we know it. And while it is not full of movie spoilers it is fairly complete even going as far as explaining about Miranda. Also included (a chapter before is a fairly good NPC collection including personalities from the film (again I assume that some TV personas were left out due to licensing issues or space in the book) An example of this is that Mingo and Fanty are statted in the book, but Badger is nowhere to be found. Also the Operative gets a full page, but Jubal Early is again absent. Sure there are generics which could easily be these character but it’s a bit of a shame.

The final verdict on this game is a pretty simple one, again if you are the kind of gamer who only uses one system, this game will only be useful to you as source anyway, but you’ll probably want to pick it up for source alone. Otherwise, the system is good, Simple enough to be playable and yet realistic enough to make it worth playing. No one rule or rules set really stand up and shout mind blowing but, it’s a very solid meat and potatoes system that handles things in rules light (or at least rules friendly) way. For the first product to carry the Margaret Weis productions label, it is an excellent product. And well worth it for any fan of Joss Whedon’s incredibles.

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