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The Grudge

Well, the first reviews for upcoming horror remake, The Grudge, are in...and they are not good. Though we may be going through something of a horror movie renaissance in recent years, it seems that The Grudge will be noted as merely a blip. Simply put, the reviews are quite brutal, with the general consensus being that the reboot wastes its talented cast and filmmaker with watered-down scares that may in fact leave some viewers holding a grudge of their own.

The Grudge

SEED-THE-GRUDGE fielded opinions from her Chosen after receiving many prayers about allying with THEE-I-DARE.[7] According to THEE-I-DARE, SEED-THE-GRUDGE prefers personal grudges and may not want to be involved in a wider war. He thought that solitary warriors and crusaders also have a place in the war and wished to avoid wasting her time.[15]

SEED-THE-GRUDGE said the answer to defeating the Hunter lay in the Old Language.[36] She advised that THEE-I-DARE was also well versed in the Old Tongue. The rest of the answers were with the Violaters, or her "less savory siblings".[10] She said there were a group of children who knew the secrets of the Old Language, but she could no longer feel their pain or their grudge. She would bestow favor on any who found them.[36] THEE-I-DARE believed these children might be a new breed, like the old before THEE-I-DARE divided the First Tribe.[37] When asked about how she knew about the children, she said her knowledge was transferred from IN-HER-TEETH when she separated from her. The information came from the children who reached out to her.[38]

The unique story has been picked up by media outlets across the world, with International Business Times covering it after a tweet about the building garnered thousands of likes, and The Guardian including it on a list titled "Spite buildings: when human grudges get architectural."

Additionally, sometimes you and the person you feel wronged by may both be holding grudges against each other, further exacerbating the cycle of bitterness, anger, and blame. Holding grudges is sometimes related to people's automatic negative thoughts and cognitive distortions.

Additionally, you can always ask a person you trust for their opinion on how you're handling the situation as well, as getting the perspective of someone else whose judgment you value can help you get a better sense of if you're holding a grudge or just in the process of justifiable anger. In either case, talking out the situation and your feelings can assist you in making sense of what happened and how to move on. 041b061a72


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