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Buy Religious Icons Online

We are Sacred Arts Foundation, a non-profit ministry dedicated to strengthening faith and Christian devotion in churches, schools and home through our Monastery Icons collection of traditional Christian art and other beautiful sacred art and gifts since 1981. Discover over 200 colorful and unique images in our icon collection, including icons of Christ, the Blessed Virgin, saints icons, and more -- each available in plaques or prints from 4" to 60" tall made with our unique Lumina Gold process. Experience the rich fragrances and easy burning of Monastery Incense, America's favorite church incense. And find exquisite gifts for every occasion -- elegant figurines and statuary, religious jewelry, Russian icons and gifts, icon magnets, and more.

buy religious icons online

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Sacred Icons. In this category you will find hand-painted icons, antique and modern icons, screen printed, cross-shaped icons and icons with silver or gold inserts. These works of art come from Russia, Romania, Greece and Poland where they are handmade by local craftsmen with the traditional techniques of the Byzantine iconography. They are all delivered with certificate of origin and warrancy.

At Orthodox Christian Supply our aim is simple, to build Orthodox icons that last generations. Our business began with an idea of how to make a reproduction icon which would have a similar look and feel to those icons belonging to antiquity or, for that matter, hand painted icons coming out of Russia today. To this end, we realized that there were better ways to build reproduction icons, both in style and in ability to last.

Our signature product, the traditional panel mounted icons, are made with the upmost care. We begin with carefully selected 4/4 solid poplar. Then we route dovetailed keyways through the reverse and insert the red oak splines. This process is to keep the panel from warping over time, the same process as used in hand painted icons throughout antiquity. We also route coves and chamfers on the splines themselves to create a decorative appeal, in the same fashion that is commonly used in Russia today.

Our mounted icons are built to last and to be handed down from generation to generation. Every process has been approached with the aim to guarantee our icons in the excess of 100 years. We build heirloom quality reproduction icons.

We would like to thank every customer sincerely for your consideration to buy Orthodox mounted icons from our online store. We stand behind our icons 100% and offer a "no questions asked" return policy for any defect in our workmanship. Our aim is simple - to provide quality mounted icons that, by God's great mercy, may be an aid and a blessing to the faithful in the spiritual life

"Your icons arrived today and are magnificent! In fact your icons are by far the finest I have ever purchased. You clearly spend a lot of time selecting quality images, and the care and attention with which you then reproduce them is striking. Add to that the extraordinary level of craftsmanship that you bring to building the panels and perfecting the mountings, and in total, you've produced icons that truly feel alive with presence. In my opinion these are the finest icons on the market."

"By far, the best quality icons available. Fine canvas, vivid ink and top quality wood. After blessing, our priest wrote down the website. When you impress someone who sees hundreds of know you are doing something right. Many thanks!!"

"The craftsmanship is superb and reflects a labor of love. The printing is the closest to actual painting that I have ever seen on a printed icon. Last, but not least, the price is truly an exceptional value. I have paid more for a comparable icon from a well-known company that cannot compare to the craftsmanship exhibited in the icon I received from Orthodox Christian Supply. Thank you for offering such lovely icons at a reasonable price."

Silouan's icons are the real deal. Short of actually commissioning a hand-painted icon for many, many times the price, the icons from OCS are far and away the highest quality icons I have encountered. The workmanship and attention to detail are second to none, and the icons possess a bespoke, handmade quality that I have not seen any other shop replicate. The icons feel (and smell!) like they literally just came out of your grandfather's woodshop. They are truly special and something to cherish.

Many of us do not have the funds to buy or commission hand painted icons so must turn to mounted prints. There are none better than what you find here. The woodwork is well crafted, art in itself. The icon was well printed, clear and brightly colored on a canvas, not paper base. I purchased this for a gift and I must say that it is something I can give without the least embarrassment.

Our Artisans use high-quality wood and handcrafted backgrounds with Gold Leaves or Color. From Museum Quality Icons to Traditional Silk Screen ones, we can help you find the perfect religious gift for any occasion!

Explore the unique collection of personalized Catholic icons & Christian gifts from Vatican Gift. Our selection of Byzantine Catholic & Christian icons includes statues, crucifixes, rosaries, and more. Each item is carefully crafted and detailed to provide a lasting reminder of faith and devotion. Our selection of Christian gifts are perfect for all occasions, from Baptisms, First Communions, and Confirmations to Weddings, Anniversaries, and more. Give the gift of faith and spirituality with a personalized icon from Vatican Gift.

Biblical figure icons are often used to represent different values or ideas. Examples of these icons include the dove, which is often associated with peace; the lamb, which is associated with innocence and purity; and the fish, which is often associated with faith. In addition, there are many religious figures who are often depicted in iconography. Some of the most popular biblical figures include Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus Christ.

The creation of the image of Saint Javelin combines and updates Christian saint and Virgin Mary iconography to create a powerful image of sacred resistance. The Virgin Mary fits the Ukrainian symbolism well, as she is the one whom many Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christians turn to in prayer for the help, love and protection of a mother. As the symbol has gained popularity online, it has become an emblem for those outside of Ukraine to show support for the nation (sales of stickers and other merchandise of the image raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of days, with proceeds going to the charity Help Us Help) as well as reinforced a narrative of Ukrainian resistance against Russia as divinely sanctioned, a righteous cause with sacred intercessors.

Over the last 10 years, I've seen and held many Orthodox icons, both hand-painted and mounted. During that time, I have never seen a mounted icon as beautiful as the icon of the Holy Myrrh-bearing Women I recently purchased from Damascene Gallery. Although I knew I ordered a mounted icon, at first glance, I found myself wondering if it was hand-painted! I am very impressed with the quality of my new icon and will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family.

I received all the icons yesterday and today, and they are outstanding. I am converting one of the rooms of the house into chapel/prayer room, and I have many icons from probably all the major icon distributors. If someone is not able to obtain a hand-written icon, I truly believe yours are second to none. I will definitely recommend Damascene to anyone looking to get a quality icon.

A religious artistic image has a huge meaning: it teaches faith and brings grace. Iconography is called a blessing in colors, a picturesque gospel, a wordless sermon. All this very fully reflects the meaning of the holy image.

Traditionally, icons are placed in a special corner. But it will not be a mistake to place them all over the house: in the living room, bedroom, in the kitchen, where the family takes food. After all, prayers are best said in front of the image, directed at it.

Greek Icons: in this department you will find hand-painted or silkscreen printed icons from Greece. Every icon comes with certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee. All these items are entirely handmade by orthodox master craftsmen, following the strict rules of the Byzantine iconography; they are therefore unique and rare. If you need further information please do not hesitate to write to or call +39 0522 1722250.

Icons are religious images painted on wooden panels, typically made of linden or pine wood. Their production is a long and complex process. A layer of linen cloth soaked in sturgeon glue is put on the panel. The ground is made of chalk mixed with fish glue. This is gesso. Up to ten layers of the gesso are applied over the cloth, or pavoloka . An outline of the composition is incised on the gesso with the point of a needle, often based on an icon-painting manual. 041b061a72


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