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Adrian Lewis
Adrian Lewis

Buy Dodge Sprinter [VERIFIED]

When we started building our van and traveling, we wanted to share with the community that helped us so much. We watched hours of sprinter van conversion tours and van build videos learning what we needed to do to get our van ready and how we wanted our van to look. By making the videos we do, we want to share even more information with people looking into this lifestyle to let them know it really is attainable and amazing.

buy dodge sprinter

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YES, ABSOLUTELY trouble!!!The company I work for has around 15 Dodge & Freightliner Sprinters, used for long distance on-highway driving (easy on a vehicle), probably representing over 2 1/4 million miles of Sprinter experience. We frequently got 325,000-400,000 miles out of heavy duty diesel vans of US makes without replacing major components, so we are not so hard on trucks, and we expected the same experience on these re-badged (Mercedes) trucks. Instead we have had a lot of major transmission problems (including on a truck brand new off the lot, and others at very low mileage). We have also had lots of body problems (bad rust that pops out everywhere, door shut problems, lock problems, leaks) and lots of engine problems (a number of harmonic balancers that fell off, turbos, injectors at lower miles than expected). Repairs are usually exceptionally expensive, sometimes ineffective, it is hard to find anybody willing to work on the things, they are hard to work on, breakdowns often involve very long distance tows, and even the mechanics at authorized dealers have bad things to say off the record. Compared to our fleet experience with other makes, we have found the Sprinters much more costly to run, much less reliable, much more costly to fix, and many of our drivers consider their 200,000 mile 4 year old Sprinters to be rolling pieces of junk. When another sprinter limps home on less cylinders again or dies and is towed off for repairs we sometimes have an office pool on the repair cost, with most of the guesses seeming to cluster in the $4,000 to $9,000 range. 041b061a72


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