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Zombie Tsunami MOD APK V4.5.116 (Unlimited Money) [PATCHED]

The money you earn ultimately allows you to access new powers. You can increase the power and number of zombies at the start of the game and can increase the power of the transformation abilities you possess. Specifically, these abilities are weak when you use them for the first time because they have not been fully upgraded. When you reach a certain level of upgrades, you will notice the destruction they can bring.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK v4.5.116 (Unlimited Money)

Download File:

Equip zombies with skills to increase their strength. Easy to move and can deal with obstacles on the road. Suddenly, cars, bombs, and bullets will appear to obstruct the way for zombies. If you do not observe and do not dodge in time, you will make zombies fall to death. Therefore, having more skills is also a way for zombies to be safer than ever. Includes skills like a tsunami, dragon, quartet, ninja, and more. It will help you avoid all vehicles on the road, destroy everything quickly. At the same time, collect bonuses and increase resistance to bombs. Helping all tasks will also quickly be completed in the best way.

Do you vibe with the zombie genre that is so in these days? Well then if you do, then this game is just for you. Zombie tsunami mod apk is the game where you will be tested and challenges constantly. If you are looking for a different game play you are at the right place. This game does not champion you typical savior complex. In this game you have to think like a zombie to in it. What? How does that work? Is what you must be thinking. No worried. Keep on reading and we will tell you exactly what this game is!

Zombie tsunami mod apk is a game to play if you want to play a game that is not your typical zombie game. This game is quite easy to play with. In this game you are the zombie that will get to destroy everything in its sight and create hordes to help you do that. You will invade cities and town to turn your horde and make it bigger and bigger. The more you turn the more points you get. You also get points for destroying everything that comes in your way, buildings, cars, roads and such. With the mod version of this game you get many features to play with. So keep on reading below!

Zombie tsunami mod apk is an apt name for this game. So make your zombie army and wreak havoc to the earth as you try to take over the world with your super power zombies. The game is quite easy to play. Just march your zombies all around the world till there is no humans left. Download this game now and play for free!

Your character will be of light green colour and it will be a small zombie creature which will be very appealing. Your aim in the game is the same as you watch in movies. You have to bite the human beings to turn them into zombies. You have to kill as many people as you can so that they can also become zombies. In this way, the number of zombies in the game will increase which will be very advantageous for you. You can infect as many people as you can by biting them. There are no restrictions and you are free to do anything. You can also make use of a bird and this will help you to turn a lot more people into zombies. Your level and rank in the game will increase and you will be provided with a lot of rewards. So, download zombies tsunami mod apk right now and recommend this game to your friends as well. 041b061a72


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