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Yuki Takizawa Extra Quality

Takizawa made his professional wrestling debut for Kaientai Dojo on January 7, 2006 where he teamed with Hiro Tonai and Randy Takuya and lost to Chushin Fujisawa, Kaji Yamato and TAKU Michinoku.[3] A week later Takizawa teamed up with Apple Miyuki to participate in K-DOJO Tag League '07 GET Block but were eliminated by Kunio Toshima & PSYCHO in the first round.[3] On January 21 Takizawa won his first match by beating Tadanobu Fujisawa.[3] Takizawa then participated in K-Metal League 2007 and won two and lost two matches therefore giving him two points but not enough to progress in the tournament. He was also part of the Christmas present scramble battle royal on Christmas Eve which was won by Hiro Tonai.[3]

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On January 3, 2008 Takizawa started the year with a loss when he was defeated by Omega (Makoto Oishi, MIYAWAKI, Shiori Asahi and Yuji Hino) and Naoki Tanisaki with KAZMA, Kunio Toshima, Mr. X and PSYCHO.[3] Takizawa participated in KAIENTAI DOJO Tag League 2008 and teamed with KAZMA and lost to Boso Boy Raito and Kaji Yamato in the first round.[4] On April, 14 he teamed with Kaji Yamato in his first championship match which was for the WEW Hardcore Tag Team Championship which was in the form of a seven team battle royal, the winners of the match were Apple Miyuki and YOSHIYA.[4] Takizawa participated in that year's K-Metal League just like he did in 2007, after winning three of four matches and gaining six points he progressed to the finals of the tournament where he beat Hiro Tonai and therefore won the K-Metal League, this was his first accomplishment in professional wrestling.[4] With that win he progressed further up the card and became a solid mid card wrestler and this was cemented when he participated in STRONGEST-K Tournament 2008 and he reached the semi finals before being knocked out by Kengo Mashimo. On December 21 he lost the Taj Mahal Cup Royal Rumble.[4] 041b061a72


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