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Cross Dress Awakening For She-Cock (Shemale Stories) I woke up Friday morning so horny I had to jump in a cold shower. Last night I promised myself that tomorrow I would go get my ass fucked by a shemale...Part 1, Part 2

My First Time With A Shemale (Shemale Stories) I have been having dreams about going with a shemale for a long time. Then I grow some balls and searched the internet for one, found a stunner and...Continue reading

Another Meeting With My "Chick With A Dick" (Shemale Stories) I tried to avoid my "chick with a dick" but I found myself returning to the place she had worked hoping to see her again. I asked a girl that worked there...Continue readingSucking "HER" CockThe thought of sucking a dick didn't appeal to me at all. I went out with a girl that turned out to be a shemale with a beautiful face, body and large...Continue reading

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Whenever I had stumbled upon a shemale video in the past, I had just instinctually scrolled passed, being a little jarred by it. I think the label scared me, thinking of them wrongly as men with makeup. But weeks after our conversation, I had thought over what we talked about, and a shemale video had come up online as recommended during one of my porn viewing sessions - a solo masturbation video, with a cute Brazilian woman with what looked like a decent uncut cock - and that time I didn't scroll by so fast.

Months passed, and my obsession grew. Whenever I watched porn, I found myself warming up with traditional anal porn, seeing a woman penetrated in her forbidden puckering slit, ass large and overwhelming. Then when my excitement increased from seeing these women dominated, I would click into a video of a gorgeous shemale masturbating. I began calling them my cock goddesses, worshipping their bodies while they grabbed their penises in along with me. I imagined grabbing them by the legs, rubbing my cock on theirs, then after they came, using their semen as lubrication on my own dick, lathering their assholes, and penetrating them deep and hard, their cock still erect, front and center in my view, slamming against my stomach. The fantasy was overwhelming.

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