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Where To Buy Regency Theater Gift Cards

Movie theatre gift cards can be used on concessions, tickets, and Unlimited subscriptions. Instantly surprise a friend by texting them a digital gift card or hand a loved one a physical card for a special occasion.

where to buy regency theater gift cards

Any of our gifting items can be purchased in bulk for additional savings. Contact CBO for details and discount rates. Whether you need bulk gift cards to reward a team or Ultimate Movie Packs to use as prizes at a Christmas party, our representative will help you put together your order.

This eGift Card is redeemable only for purchases at participating attractions on It cannot be used to purchase hotels, sports tickets, concert tickets, or pay for other retail gift cards. It can also not be used to purchase tickets that are fulfilled by our third party suppliers website. This card is non-refundable and cannot be returned or redeemed for cash. Each time the eGift Card is used, the purchase amount will be debited against the available balance. This eGift Card does not expire; however an annual maintenance fee of up to $5.00 may apply after the first year of purchase. Lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced so please treat this like cash. Please call 949-367-1900 or email with any questions.

Do you offer Gift Cards?Yes, we have gift cards for sale at the IMAX box office. They come in any denomination you like. You can use your IMAX Theater gift card to see any film or buy any product at our theater concession stand.

Can I use passes online?Passes can only be used at the theatre box office. They must state Esquire IMAX on the pass. We do not accept passes or gift cards from Regal, Cinemark, AMC or Fandango.

The card number and PIN are located on the back of the card above the barcode. Some cards only have a claim code; this, too, is found on the back of the card. Others have a card number and claim code that are both located on the back. Digital gift cards provide a code, and sometimes a PIN, that can be found in the delivery email.

Regal Entertainment Group completed its acquisition of Consolidated Theatres on May 1, 2008.[22] In the transaction, Regal acquired Consolidated's 28 theaters and 400 screens for $210 million. Consolidated's concentrations of theatres in the Mid-Atlantic states of Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and North and South Carolina overlapped in some places with Regal's. As of a condition of approval of the merger, the United States Department of Justice required that Regal divest itself of several theaters in areas where it would have a monopoly. Regal agreed to sell off four theaters in the Asheville, Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina markets, but a large number of theaters still remains in all three markets.

Another way to take advantage of discount movie prices is to purchase a Fandango movie gift card. Movie gift cards are perfect for any occasion including birthdays, thank yous, congratulations and more.

What do you get with MoviePass (opens in new tab) membership: The new MoviePass subscription service is currently rolling out a "beta version." But, the idea is that a subscription to MoviePass, available in three tiers, will give consumers a set number of credits each month that can be used to go see movies at just about any movie theater chain that accepts credit cards.

What do you get with the AMC Stubs (opens in new tab) Insider membership: This is a free membership so, as a result, you don't get some of the perks that A-List and Premiere have. But Insider members still get a free large popcorn refill, can earn a $5 reward for every 5,000 points, get access to the theater's free Wi-Fi and exclusive screenings, as well as a gift on their birthday. So it's well worth signing up if you're a regular movie-goer.

We maintain three gift shops featuring a fine line of Chicago sports apparel and souvenirs, Illinois lottery tickets and an extensive line of sundries ranging from film or disposable cameras to post cards and over the counter medications. 041b061a72


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