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Breaking Stuff- The Scarecrows

Visitors know they've arrived when they see the three farmers in floppy hats resting against a telephone pole by the side of the road. They're always there. They're scarecrows, life-sized figures made of cloth and stuffed with cotton and newspapers.

Breaking Stuff- The Scarecrows

Three scarecrows lean against a telephone poll at the edge of the Japanese village Nagoro. Tsukimi Ayano created these figures after she returned to the village to take care of her father. The area now includes many of her figures and has attracted tourism. Ina Jaffe/NPR hide caption

"These two little scarecrows, the children made those themselves during their home economics class," she says. "And then they put the clothes they wore back then on the figures before they left the school."

Ayano's scarecrows have put this village on the map. The regional government sponsors a Scarecrow Festival for tourists each October. And some foreign visitors just find Ayano on their own. So she was unfazed when a young tourist from Poland named Kit Kornowalski showed up unannounced in early July.

Ayano rejects many assumptions about her work, both positive and negative. She says she doesn't make these scarecrows because she's lonely. She doesn't think of them as "a project." She doesn't think of them as art.

What would autumn be without an abundance of scarecrows, pumpkins and bundled corn stalks? The scarecrow is one of the most familiar figures of our rural landscape, not only in the United States but throughout Europe and many other countries of the world. Scarecrows have been in existence for more than 3,000 years! Who knew?

It was not always this way; the Egyptians used the first scarecrows in recorded history to protect their vast wheat fields along the Nile River from flocks of quail. Their version of the scarecrow was a wooden frame covered with nets. The farmers would hide in the fields and when the quail approached they would scare them into the nets. That would not only save their crop from devastation but caught quail for dinner that night.

Scarecrows is a 1988 American horror film written, produced and directed by William Wesley. Its plot follows a group of mercenaries who hijacked a plane in California, and after making an emergency landing in a cornfield, find themselves stalked by murderous scarecrows possessed by spirits.

After landing the plane, Curry, Roxanne, and Kellie arrive at the house, and find Corbin and Jack inside. From the roof of the house, Curry spots the loot near three crosses in the distance; the scarecrows that were there have disappeared. Roxanne stays behind at the house with Kellie while Jack, Curry, and Corbin venture into the field to find the loot. They locate the truck Bert escaped in, and find a scarecrow in the driver's seat. Nearby, they locate Bert's parachute bag hanging from the tree, and upon attempting to open it, find it filled with blood.

Roxanne, Corbin, and Kellie decide to leave, but Curry stays behind, refusing to depart without Jack. The three become separated in the field, and, while attempting to recoup loose dollar bills on the ground, Roxanne is viciously killed by one of the scarecrows. Corbin shoots a scarecrow that nearly attacks Kellie, and the two flee to the plane. Corbin is stabbed in the leg while attempting to crawl beneath a fence, but Kellie shoots two of the scarecrows before they can kill him. Back at the house, Curry finds Bert's severed head and limbs have reanimated, and is subsequently confronted by a grossly disfigured Jack, who stabs him to death.

Scarecrows in the Village is one of my favorite seasonal events at Peddler's Village. It's a highlight of my fall each year. When I bring my family we all pose by our favorite scarecrows, start holiday shopping and dine at our favorite restaurant in the Village...Hart's Tavern. It's a family tradition I truly look forward to.

You can vote for your favorite scarecrows from September 5th through October 10th. Make sure to pick up a paper ballot available in all the shops and restaurants. You can put your completed ballot in ballot boxes in the Cock 'n Bull, Giggleberry Fair, Buttonwood Grill or the Hospitality Center. You can also just open your phone and vote on the Peddler's Village app. Click here to see the prizes.

Upside down scarecrows, snowboarding scarecrows, even a scarecrow with a dog; the Stony Brook Village Center is slowly filling up with scarecrows of all shapes and size as the annual scarecrow competition enters its 24th year.

Since I was 5 and saw one standing in a cornfield, I've been obsessed with scarecrows, so when I discovered these artifacts it was obvious that I had to make and play a scarecrow deck even if it wasn't the strongest tribe. So I did some research and testing, looking for good info, cards and combos, and this deck is the result.

The deck mechanic in a nutshell, is to get a Reaper King on play as soon as possible, boosting your scarecrows and allowing you to Vindicate every time a scarecrows enters. To do so we have several ways:

Scarecrone She's one of the best pieces of the deck, with beautiful combos and card drawing.Remember: You can sacrifice scarecrows to avoid "exiles", going to the bottom of the library and the likes, or to get rid of auras, (while drawing a card).

Grim Poppet One of the best scarecrows out there. Grim Poppet + Reaper King + Scarecrone is one of the big combos of this deck. Sacrifice it and bring it back, vindicating and throwing -1/-1 counters among your enemy creatures every time. It's practically hinted in Scarecrone's flavor text!

Unwinding Clock: The "But wait... there's more!" artifact. Untap those Citadels, untap almost all your creatures, -who needs vigilance?-, and even better: the Scarecrones! And use the mana to return scarecrows and vindicate another time, but now, in your opponent's turn! Funny times!

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Fall HarvestFanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA, Scotch PlainsKids can ride the trackless train, go to the pumpkin patch and decorate what they pick, do other arts and crafts, play games and win prizes, have fitness fun and eat healthy treats. Plus, you can make do-it-yourself scarecrows. Bring an old shirt, pants, hat and pillowcase and someone will help you make a one-of-a-kind creation.

Ignore the visible Red Orb for now, and instead perform a wall jump on the grating to the left to claim a hidden Red Orb. Afterward, proceed down to the sitting area, destroying all the chairs, and collect the Evil Legacy floating within the column. Afterward, Nero learns Snatch and Hell Bound, and the player is given a tutorial on how to use them. In the cells on the left and right there is a small Green Orb and Small Vital Star, both of which can be obtained using Snatch. Nero can then ascend to the second floor by standing on the ornate Continuum Pad on the dais above the sitting area, then using Hell Bound on the Grim Grip that appears. Proceed along the floor, breaking the four benches, grabbing the Red Orb from earlier, and using another Grim Grip, then exit the room. 041b061a72


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