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Buy Keith Hernandez Bobblehead PATCHED

The Gary Cohen bobblehead, which will complete the set, will be given away to the first 25,000 fans at the Saturday, September 17 game vs. Pittsburgh. Cohen is entering his 34th season as a play-by-play announcer for the Mets. Cohen first joined the Mets broadcast team as a radio announcer for WFAN, where he called Mets games for 17 years.

buy keith hernandez bobblehead

To honor his jersey retirement ceremony, FOCO released a pair of Keith Hernandez bobbleheads, one of which to honor his 11 Gold Glove awards. You can find the officially licensed Keith Hernandez New York Mets 11x Gold Glove Bobblehead from FOCO here.

This then got better still. They went back to the game to call Duvall striking out, but then after the first pitch to subsequent batter Orlando Arcia, Hernandez returned to the bobblehead discussion, and that led into a discussion of his personality and his ex-wives.

TV's biggest New York Mets fan threw out the first pitch of Jerry Seinfeld bobblehead night at Citi Field. Adorned in a Mets jersey and sporting a big smile, Seinfeld himself tossed a sidearm strike from the mound to kick off Friday night's 7-2 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies.

The first 25,000 fans at the ballpark received a Seinfeld bobblehead that does not bear much resemblance to the comedian, and they watched the comedian reunite with longtime Mets star and television analyst Keith Hernandez, who had a recurring role on "Seinfeld" in 1991.

A farm club of the Cleveland Indians, for instance, arguably is going above and beyond the call of duty on Aug. 1 when the Lake County Captains will give away bobbleheads of Jobu. Jobu being the voodoo doll of Pedro Cerrano, the slugger in the 1989 movie "Major League" who offered his Jobu rum in hopes of triggering hitting streaks.

And remember in the TV sitcom "Seinfeld" when former big-leaguer Keith Hernandez was accused of spitting on Kramer and Newman? Leave it to the nearby Brooklyn Cyclones, a Mets farm club, to roll out a Keith Hernandez "Magic Loogie" bobblehead on July 5.

A year ago, all but one big-league club, the Red Sox, scheduled bobblehead nights. Some 2.59 million dolls were given away, and the Dodgers saw an 18 percent bump in attendance on Tuesday nights when offering bobbleheads, according to the Sports Business Journal.

Last offseason, the Brooklyn Cyclones front office decided that it wanted to honor Keith Hernandez via a bobblehead immortalizing a memorable episode of Seinfeld. In the episode Kramer and Newman accuse Hernandez of spitting on them; Jerry, citing the laws of physics, refutes their account and calls Hernandez's alleged spitball a "Magic Loogie." The bobblehead, which will be given away Saturday, depicts a later scene in the episode in which Hernandez outs reliever Roger McDowell as the true culprit.

This so-called "Magic Loogie bobblehead" is the centerpiece of a larger Seinfeld-themed promo which, as Cyclones director of communications Billy Harner puts it, has "spiraled out of control."

"With the connection between Keith and the Mets, the bobblehead was a natural tie-in," said Harner, referencing both the Cyclones' status as a Mets affiliate and Keith's role as a color commentator on Mets broadcasts. "And then we just kept adding and adding to it."

"We've got people telling us that they're going to sleep over [in front of the stadium] on July 4, so that they can get the bobblehead," said Harner. "I'm going to be interested to see how many people are already here when I pull into the parking lot the next day."

Charleston RiverDogs (South Atlantic League) Harold Ramis Bobblehead Giveaway, July 5 Harold Ramis, a wide-ranging comedic genius perhaps best known for playing the role of Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters, died in February. The RiverDogs, a team co-owned by his friend and frequent collaborator, Bill Murray, are honoring Ramis' legacy on Saturday via the distribution of 1,000 instantly collectible bobbleheads depicting Ramis in full Ghostbusters regalia. Fans who want one will really want one, so much so that they'll be excited beyond the capacity for rational thought. Egon? Sure. But he'll never be forgotten.

The majority of the bobbleheads are given out as fans walk through the gates. But many teams have separate promotions that require special tickets. A lot of these are part of theme nights for things like Star Wars, Peanuts and even Sesame Street.

Because these promotions take place across North America, sometimes it can be tricky to track some of these bobbleheads down. eBay is one place to look as well as trying to connect with people from local areas through various online communities. Even calling a card shop in the area could result in some leads.

Mets fans have gone crazy for wacky promotions like a Noah Syndergaard gnome and a Jacob deGrom wig in the past. A Seinfeld bobblehead has to rank up with the gnome and the wig as one of the best promotions the team has run in recent years.

The Brooklyn Cyclones are hosting a "Salute to Seinfeld Night" on July 5, complete with a Keith Hernandez "Magic Loogie" bobblehead giveaway, batting practice in puffy shirts and an Elaine dance competition.

The aforementioned "Magic Loogie" bobblehead will be given out to the first 2,500 fans through the gates. The team said the promotion will celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Seinfeld," which ended its run in 1998.

All right. Let's acknowledge the indisputable and point out that the handle of Thor's hammer in the bobblehead is decidedly phallic. This obvious reality was not lost on Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen in the Mets' booth on Saturday night ... 041b061a72


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