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Dietary indiscretion as a behavior is not caused by anything in particular. Some pets are simply more prone to this behavior than others. It may be seen more commonly in a pet who lived as a stray for a while, especially if that pet had to forage for food at some point. This is not always the case, however.


Always make sure your pet is given proper pet food and pet treats only. Do not give your pet table scraps, as this could cause more significant dietary indiscretion and ultimately lead to pancreatitis.

Mild symptoms of gastrointestinal upset caused by dietary indiscretion can be treated by a 24-hour fast (as long as your pet is not diabetic) followed by offering a bland diet for a few days. In moderate cases, pets may need medications and intravenous fluids from the vet, and in severe cases, pets may need to see an internal medicine specialist.

Foreign body ingestion is a subset of dietary indiscretion and can be an emergency, depending on what and how much was ingested. Many foreign bodies can be diagnosed by abdominal x-rays, while others are harder to visualize without an abdominal ultrasound and may be more difficult to diagnose.

Dietary indiscretion is a common problem that affects many pets, although it is more common in dogs. It can be a mild condition that resolves with proper diet and behavior management, but it can also become more severe and may require assistance from a specialist at AVIM&O.

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Dogs are not selective about what they eat compared to humans, and their indiscretion often leads to gastrointestinal symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and flatulence. This is referred to as dietary indiscretion or garbage gut and leads to conditions like:

If the dog has severe symptoms, then emergency care is necessary, but if the symptoms are mild and the dog is otherwise alert, they may recover from dietary indiscretion without treatment within 24 - 48 hours.

The duration of symptoms resulting from dietary indiscretion varies widely depending on the severity and specific condition. Some cases resolve within 24 hours (or less) on their own, while some are life-threatening and require aggressive treatment and take weeks for recovery.

Treatment of more serious cases depends on which particular condition under the broad umbrella of dietary indiscretion the dog develops. Therapeutic options range from taking a wait-and-see approach to surgical removal of non-food items causing a GI obstruction.

Dietary indiscretion describes gastrointestinal upset that occurs when a dog ingests something that its body cannot tolerate. Consumption of table scraps, garbage, or spoiled food may results in symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, lack of appetite, and weakness in dogs. The syndrome is similar to food poisoning in humans.

Dietary indiscretion is extremely common. In some cases, people living with the dog feed table scraps or inappropriate foodstuffs that cause illness. Many other cases of dietary indiscretion in dogs are self-inflicted. These cases occur when dogs get into the trash or break into cupboards or refrigerators.

Most cases of dietary indiscretion are mild and do not have lasting consequences for the dog involved. However, dogs that suffer severe illness due to dietary indiscretion may require intensive treatment. The worst forms of dietary indiscretion can lead to pancreatitis or other serious complications.

All dogs have the potential to suffer from dietary indiscretion if access to spoiled food, table scraps, or garbage exists. Young dogs and dogs with very strong appetites suffer from the syndrome disproportionately.

Rarely, severe dietary indiscretion can lead to serious consequences such as pancreatitis. Dogs that consume bones or items that are not digestible may suffer from a life-threatening problem in which the ingested objects become lodged in the intestines.

Many cases of dietary indiscretion are diagnosed based on symptoms and physical examination. Especially in severe cases, veterinarians may run blood and stool tests, take X-rays, and perform other diagnostic assays to ensure that no other syndromes are playing a role in the symptoms.

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Sometimes, dietary indiscretion does not result in any symptoms, and dogs can digest the items normally. On other occasions, dietary indiscretion can cause stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, or dehydration. Pets with dietary indiscretion may also develop pancreatitis or other diseases.

Mild cases of dietary indiscretion in dogs are usually resolved by a short episode of fasting (12 to 24 hours) or by feeding your dog a bland, easily digestible diet until they feel better. Always talk to your veterinarian before fasting a puppy, as fasting young dogs can result in severe hypoglycemia. Dogs with frequent vomiting and/or frequent episodes of watery diarrhea need immediate veterinary intervention, as they may not be able to drink enough water to replace their fluid loss.

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