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Ajin 2nd Season __LINK__

The first season of the television anime premiered on January 15 and ran for 13 episodes. Netflix streamed new episodes in Japan three days after they premiered on Japanese television, and it began streaming the entire first season outside of Japan on April 12. The second season premiered in Japan on October 7, and is currently running.

Ajin 2nd Season

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The second season has two opening songs for the first and second half of the anime, with both being collaboration songs between the groups angela and fripSide. The first song is described as an angelafripSide collaboration titled "Boku wa Boku de Atte," which features in the show's first half, and the second song is described as a fripSideangela collaboration. CreepHyp (RIN-NE 2) is performing the "main theme" song for the anime, titled "Kōtei no Sumi ni Futari, Kaze ga Fuite Ima Nara Ieru ka na," (Maybe the Couple at a Corner of the Schoolyard Can Say What They Want, Now that the Wind Is Blowing).

After taking the summer 2016 season off, Ajin returned in the fall for another 13 episodes, which are now available in subbed and dubbed form exclusively on Netflix, continuously numbered from 14 on rather than numbered as a separate season.

Topping the climactic battle scenes from the end of the first season would have been a tall task for any creators, so the production team largely doesn't try. Instead, they concentrate on developing other core strengths of the series: Sato's inventive terrorism, numerous dramatic death scenes, and a surprisingly heavy amount of character development. The result is a season that's every bit as intense as the first one, if not more so. Many of its episodes keep events smoothly hopping along at a great clip, making this series ideal for marathon viewing. Even knowing that many of its characters can't permanently die doesn't bite into the tension as much you might think, since the grim reality and world of suffering that captured Ajin face more than balances things out.

Don't expect a favorable treatment of Americans in this season! Granted, it's not like the series doesn't have a cynical and exploitative view of Japan's own government either, but the story goes almost painfully over-the-top in the way that the male American agent derisively treats his female Ajin subordinate. That brings up another ugly point: the only two female Ajin we see in the whole series are practically being kept as pets by male government agents. It's hardly a positive message to send, but at least both characters eventually show a sense of free will.

The musical score remains largely unchanged from the first season. It's still heavy and occasionally overbearing, but it also uses orchestration and electronica to great effect in driving the tension of various scenes. The new opener and closer are both done in similar styles to the original but not otherwise remarkable.

As with the first season, Netflix offers Ajin with subtitles in French, English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese, and dubs in Spanish, English, German, French, and Japanese. The English dub retains the full cast from the first season, with the still-unidentified voice actor for Sato continuing to give the stand-out performance; Todd Haberkorn also has his moments as Tosaki. Other roles are cast well but performance quality can be uneven, with several moments of stiff or awkwardly-timed delivery.

Ajin was adapted into a 13-episode TV anime series that begun airing January 16, 2016. The series is produced by the same crew behind the movies, and it's available streamed by Netflix. The second season began airing September 23, 2016. Second season features its own original story seperate from the manga.

Ajin: Demi-Human Season 2 aired in October 2016 (Autumn season) and was adapted by studio Polygon Pictures (Knights of Sidonia) and director Hiroaki Andō with chief director Hiroyuki Seshita. Hiroshi Seko wrote the script composition and Yugo Kanno composed the music. The television adaptation of Ajin: Demi-Human is available to stream exclusively on Netflix as part of their N Series slate. 041b061a72


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