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Tomb Of Annihilation

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Tomb of Annihilation

Tomb of Annihilation is a very strong product. You can tell the designers and writers worked very hard to flesh out Chult, and they must have spent hours dreaming up such a deadly and ridiculous tomb.

Checked out the adventure at our local game store. The maps of the tomb are downright microscopic in size. YOU ARE BEING CHEATED ON THE MAPS. The 10-foot squares must be about 2.5mm each!!! When modules were really modules you at least were given decent DM maps.

The strong points: The basic premise behind Tomb of Annihilation is rather simple. Take a well-known scenario and antagonist, say Tomb of Horrors and the dreaded Acererak... or rather let's make them two, to involve an interesting D&D proprietary monster. Create a metaplot and evil plan that will potentially affect everybody who matters in the world if it comes to fruition. Place the final confrontation in a hard-to-find, lost-in-the-jungle tomb. Place the said jungle into an African-style peninsula, away from the well-known locales of the Sword Coast. Improve on the approach towards an ethnic pastiche, and add an irrelevant element to stir things up, like dinosaurs. Serve warm and humid.

Many things about the backstory either don't make any sense or are trite as concepts. Acererak in 5e gets diminished to a lich who doesn't want to achieve godhood, but instead prefers building tombs in different worlds (!). He continues to hail from Greyhawk's Oerth, yet he made a tomb in the Forgotten Realms as well, just to torment adventurers. What a ludicrously bad, anti-thematic and anti-climactic idea!

The Tomb of the Nine Gods draws on the Tomb of Horrors for inspiration, although it goes way beyond that classic. This can be seen right before the players even enter the tomb proper, as it has the same false entrance shenanigans as the original. Also like the original, it was constructed by the archlich Acererak for the purpose of drawing in and killing adventurers. However, while the Tomb of Horrors was pretty much a pure meatgrinder (you go in looking for treasure, you die a lot, rinse, repeat), the Tomb of the Nine Gods has more plot and flavor and player-thought involved.

The tomb is there to do more than just kill random adventurers, it also houses an artifact that has shut down all resurrection magic worldwide and is in the process of killing anyone who has ever been brought back to life. The souls drawn to the artifact are consumed by an atropal who will, in time, become a god that owes its existence to Acererak. The PCs enter the Tomb of the Nine Gods with the purpose of destroying this abomination.

If you feel that this would be an unsatisfactory way to end the campaign, the easiest way to avoid that unsatisfactory end is to simply not do it. The whole tomb is some sort of elaborate death trap anyway, the whole thing with the keys is just to mess with your party.

With all the puzzle pieces, the players are ready to face the Tomb of the Nine Gods. The Soulmonger lies deep within a six level dungeon, which is riddled with puzzles, traps, monsters, and magical wards. If they can progress through the tomb, the adventurers will face the Cradle of the Death God and Acererak himself. If the heroes are able to defeat the lich and destroy the Soulmonger, the will end the death curse. If the adventurers are defeated, they will fail and their souls will be devoured. 041b061a72


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