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College Scholarship Grant ((FREE))

Clubs and districts offer scholarships for secondary, undergraduate, or graduate study. These scholarships can be supported with funds raised locally or with Rotary Foundation district or global grants.

college scholarship grant

Scholarships last from one to four years and can include an entire degree program. Global grant scholarships are funded using District Designated Funds (DDF), cash, and directed gifts and endowment earnings. The Foundation will provide an 80% World Fund match for all DDF contributions.

District grants can be used to sponsor secondary school, undergraduate, or graduate students studying any subject, either locally or abroad. The scholarship may cover any length of time, from a six-week language training program to a year or more of university study.

At Grand Canyon University (GCU), we offer generous scholarship opportunities to help make funding a private, Christian education affordable. GCU offers a variety of scholarship and grant offerings to choose from for those wishing to pursue their education as a traditional, undergraduate campus student. Register today to lock in your campus scholarship offer and see how affordable earning your degree at GCU can be.

Use our Progressive Transfer Policy and combine it with applicable scholarships for a great educational experience at GCU. Learn more about how this transfer policy provides a convenient and smooth transfer of doctoral credits.

Campus scholarships are available for traditional, undergraduate students who take courses on our main campus. To learn more about your eligibility for these scholarships, speak with your university admissions counselor.

2 MOU-Alumni 2000 Doctoral-Mar2023: The Alumni Scholarship is only valid for those applicants who submit a complete application and begin a Doctoral program in March 2023. This scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other GCU scholarship or awards and only applies to online and evening programs. Please speak to a university counselor for complete details.

We get it. Funding your study abroad program can be an overwhelming process. At CIEE, our goal is to award study abroad scholarships and grants to college students across three categories: need-based, merit-based, and other areas of funding.

By simply completing the Scholarships & Grants portion of your study abroad application, our team determines the best scholarship and grant opportunities for you. Receiving financial assistance for study abroad is as simple as that!

For need-based grants, you will not need to complete the essay section under the Scholarships & Grants portion of your application, but will need the following items to be considered for all awards to which you are eligible:

For more detailed instructions on how to apply to merit-based and need-based scholarships, check out How To Apply To Scholarships or read our blog post: How to Apply to a Study Abroad Scholarship at CIEE: 4 Steps.

While the best scholarship for studying abroad is up to you, CIEE offers a wide variety of scholarships for summer, semester, quarter, internship, and single block programs. CIEE scholarships and grants range in value from $200 for our Refer-a-Friend Reward to $2,500 for scholarships like our Gilman Go Global Grant and Ping Scholarship for Academic Excellence.

Select study abroad scholarships and grants are awarded to students based on financial need, proven academic merit, and for specific CIEE program areas. Some scholarships are awarded based on your FAFSA, program selection, or alumni information, while other scholarships and grants may require a short personal essay.

Scholarship and grant totals cannot exceed the caps established for each term. If you are selected for multiple awards, CIEE may need to reduce the size of your awards to stay within the maximum cap amounts listed below.

The Office of Undergraduate Admission awards a variety of merit and achievement awards each year to new student applicants. Decisions are at the sole discretion of the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Applicants are notified of their scholarships when admitted to the College.

Private scholarships are awarded from various organizations, private agencies, foundations, community-based organizations, and civic groups to help worthy students meet the cost of attending college. View a list of private scholarships.

It doesn't matter how much scholarship money is available, if you don't qualify for any of it. Peterson's scholarship search tool reaches super hero status with its ability to filter available scholarships by school type, ethnicity, gender, field of study, state of residence, award type, and more!

Board of Trustees (BOT) Scholarship new window- The Board of Trustees Academic Specialty Scholarship is for talented Montgomery County high school graduates who plan to enroll at any Montgomery College campus. This is a one-year scholarship that covers the full-time cost of tuition and fees at the county resident tuition rate, up to a maximum of 15 credits per semester. Requirements:

Southern Management Leadership Programnew window- is a 3-year scholarship and educational program that supports, develops, and graduates ethical leaders who want to energize and give back to their local communities. Students apply in the semester before their last year at Montgomery College. If selected, the scholarship covers 55% of tuition and fees and a book stipend at Montgomery College and up to 50% tuition at the University of Maryland College Park.

STEM Scholars Program - Montgomery College's STEM Scholars Program offers scholarships during each fall and semester. Each scholarship will cover the cost of tuition of a three-, four-, or five-credit honors class in the STEM Scholars Program at the in-county rate.

Admitted students can apply for all MC Foundation scholarships by completing one online application through AcademicWorks. This online tool automatically matches you up with relevant scholarships. Go to the online application and use your MyMC login to begin the process.

There are scholarships for high school seniors and general opportunities not limited to any specific major field of study, school, ethnic group or minority. Anyone can apply, and, based on grades and test scores, everyone is eligible.

The single most important fact to remember when applying for financial support for college is you need to apply, and apply often. It is quite feasible to apply for scholarships and grants in every area where you are qualified to do so. Competition is fierce, however, there are thousands of dollars that go un-awarded every year in all of these categories simply because no one applied for them.

Apply for federal grants, studies, and loans using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form each year before entering college. Universities use FAFSA data to determine federal application eligibility. FAFSA is not a direct-funding agency! many states and universities use FAFSA data to provide their own support. After submission, you will receive a student application report.

One of the best resources for financial aid information can be found on line at There you will find easily understood descriptions of various options you might use to pay for school. They also have an excellent Parents Guide to College that includes both aid and scholarship information. The site also has a needs calculator to help determine how much assistance you will require.

Dickinson's financial-aid packages include both grants and scholarships. Grants may be from the college's endowment, from state or federal sources or from outside agency funds, and most are based on demonstrated financial need. (Submit all required forms by your selected application deadline for need-based aid). Scholarships are designed to recognize the exemplary academic performance of prospective students without regard to financial need. The merit scholarship will be the first component of any need-based financial aid award.

$30,000 per yearThe Provost Scholarship is worth $120,000 toward tuition for eight semesters of full-time study at the college (including off-campus study in a Dickinson program or partner program).

The Army ROTC Scholarship is a three- or four-year, full-tuition scholarship awarded annually to a couple of thousand students across the country who show interest in becoming an officer in the U.S. Army. The successful candidate will demonstrate outstanding academic performance, athletic ability, leadership potential and a desire to be a physically fit, critical-thinking problem solver. In addition, the scholarship pays the student $600 per semester for books and a $420 per-month stipend. At Dickinson, this scholarship also comes with an additional $5,000 per semester toward housing and food. Learn more.

The Dickinson-Cumberland County Scholarship is a four-year, full-tuition scholarship awarded annually to a Cumberland County resident who wishes to make a positive impact in the community. Learn more.

The Dickinson-CET Global Leaders Scholarship is a four-year, full-tuition scholarship awarded annually to a student who shows interest in global issues and has participated in CET high school programs for which Dickinson grants credit. Learn more.

Any student receiving financial aid who also receives scholarships, loans, tuition remission or support from a source other than the college must report the additional aid to the Dickinson Financial Aid Office. Such assistance can affect the student's eligibility for assistance from federal and institutional resources. The total amount of aid received by the student cannot exceed need as computed by federally approved methodology. The college will always reduce or eliminate self-help (loans or work) before reducing grant aid. Easily search for outside scholarship opportunities. 041b061a72


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