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Bdsm Nuns

The BDSM gun-toting nuns level of Hitman Absolution underwent some changes in the wake of backlash surrounding the game's E3 trailer, director Tore Blystad said in an interview with Eurogamer.

bdsm nuns

Corrupted by Breeding: A handsome priest named Stahl finds himself deep in desperation and lust, appointed to oversee three young nuns at a convent near a devastated town. In their hour of need, Sister Angela discovers an amulet that communes with an old God capable of restoring fertility. Now, his darkest desires are about to befall the corrupted nuns beneath him. Stahl will administer his seed, along with the punishment that will make them his forever.

I think it would actually be pretty funny if they had the nuns constantly complaining about how impractical and uncomfortable their outfits were, and making comments about how they want to kill 47 as quickly as possible so they can change into something else.

I dont know if the nuns should be called fanservice.I mean technically they are,but there are no fans that find those serviceable.They are like Liefeld drawings,weird and crappy,thought to be cool only by the creator and no one else.

That being said, my opinion on them is that it could have been done right if the nuns were revealed to be wearing body armour, LBVs/LBEs and the works. That way it would be practical, cool and even a sexy fetish, for some out there, all at the same time. Easy fix. 041b061a72


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