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Conflict: Global Storm Download PC Game

Conflict Global Storm is a game that has been develop by Pivotal Games and is published by Eidos Interactive. With this game Pivotal Games has been back to their Conflict game series. It is the fourth edition of Conflict series and this edition is based on terrorism while the previous ones were based on Wars. In this game Jones, Bradley and Conner are back and they are joined by the Sniper expert Sherman. The game takes a giant leap in terms of presentation. You can also download Conflict Denied Ops.

Conflict: Global Storm Download PC Game

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The Conflict Global Storm spans many new countries and locations. The missions are set in outdoor and indoor locations. New vehicles have also been added to drive. The enemies are intended to run right at you. The graphics are stunning and much detailed and if you are impressed by the graphics of Desert Storm 1 and 2 then be ready for the surprise as Conflict Global Storm has graphics more captivating then above mentioned games. If you are looking for more action packed games then you can also download Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Vegas.

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The game will be available to download in Europe in March next year, and Konami will be distributing it through its own Konami Net mobile portal. A full list of operators and handsets that will support the game has yet to be finalised. 041b061a72


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