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Batman Beyond - Season 2 ((TOP))

Batman BeyondSeries title:Batman BeyondAbbreviation:BBCreators:Alan Burnett, Bruce Timm, and Paul DiniDistributors:Warner Bros.Production dates:1999-2001Episodes:52 (3 seasons)Batman Beyond (known as Batman of the Future in Europe, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, India and also the Philippines, until its reruns) was the fourth television series produced in the DC Animated Universe continuity. It began airing on January 10, 1999 and ended its run on December 18, 2001.

Batman Beyond - Season 2

The Batman Beyond animated series is fondly remembered, and went so far as to create a possible future in the comics where Bruce Wayne retires and mentors Terry McGinnis, the new Batman. Comic books to this day are still influenced by this show. Continuing to train in the futuristic Gotham City decades after the events in Batman: The Animated Series, Terry further learns how to balance his superhero lifestyle with his schoolwork, friends, and family in the second season of Batman Beyond.

This season, which lasted for 26 episodes, is double the length of any other Batman Beyond season. Some of the darkest and most tragic episodes can be found in season two as well as the introduction and development of Terry's new ally, Maxine Gibson. Even Bruce Wayne's wonder dog, Ace, gets further development in this season.

In the fourth episode of season two, "Lost Soul," computer wizard Robert Vance put his memories into the network so his work and company would live on after his death. As a rogue computer program, he hacks into Terry's bat-suit, turning the advanced tech against him.

The assassin Curaré returns in this episode, having successfully taken out every member of the Society of Assassins except for one. Terry finds himself protecting this final member after being blackmailed with a bomb threat. This episode not only continues the story that was left off in the "A Touch of Curaré" episode from season one but also further develops Max and Terry's partnership, finally showing some interaction between Max and Bruce Wayne.

Shriek, the sound engineer who first appeared in season one with a suit that had the ability to control sound, reappears in this episode and makes everyone in Gotham speak nonsense. Under the threat that no one will ever be able to understand each other again, Shriek forces Batman to choose whether he will surrender himself or let the city fall further into chaos.

The second episode of season two, the "Earth Mover" episode is a dark and tragic episode about a metahuman with a sad backstory who can literally move the Earth. The body horror is rampant in this episode, playing around with character anatomy on an even deeper level than the Selina Kyle transformation in Batman: The Animated Series or Mr. Freeze's head being in a jar from the first season of Batman Beyond.

In the finale of Batman Beyond's second season, Bruce's dog, Ace, chases after the man who forced him to become a fighting dog, leading him to an underground fighting ring with monstrously mutated creatures. Viewers learn more about Ace's backstory through flashbacks, including how he met Bruce Wayne. The strained relationship between Ace and Terry is also further developed through this episode.

In Batman Beyond's second season premiere, the parents in Gotham are in an uproar, not because of tattoos or piercings but because of the latest teenage craze: Splicing. This process involves splicing genetics into humans, giving them animalistic appearances.

Batman Beyond was very successful during its original run, and as such the series ran for a total of three seasons, with Will Friedle in the role of Terry McGinnis, and Kevin Conroy reprising the role of Bruce Wayne from previous Batman cartoons. If you have never watched the show, then now is the perfect time to rectify this oversight, and below you will find a list of episodes to help guide you through the series.

In addition to the television series, Batman Beyond spawned a direct-to-video feature film. The movie was released in 2000 (during the third season of the show), and hit shelves in two versions: A cut version and an uncut version.

In the Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker sequel, it would have been revealed that Catwoman is Terry McGinnis's mother. As the story unfolded, Terry would have learned that he's actually a clone of Bruce Wayne and that Selina Kyle was the one who cloned him. No details have been revealed about why Selina was so infatuated with cloning the Caped Crusader or her motive in the sequel. However, part of this storyline was used for the Justice League Unlimited season 2 episode "Epilogue." In the episode, it's discovered that Terry really is a clone of his mentor, but Catwoman doesn't have anything to do with it.

Batman Beyond was an animated television series developed by Warner Brothers depicting a futuristic Gotham with an aged Bruce Wayne mentoring a new batman, Terry McGuiness. Spanning three seasons, the pilot was released in January 1999 and the final episode aired in December 2001. The series would later garner great acclaim, including two daytime Emmy Awards, and was named the 40th best animated television series of all time by It was an incredible series that was one of my personal favorite tv series of all time. I loved the futuristic element, the action, the characters, and the dark and gritty visuals. The futuristic Batman in his batsuit was also really well done, voiced by none other than Will Friedle (Boy Meets World, Kim Possible).

This was a really interesting and fun episode, perhaps one of my favorites. Not only were there clear connections to other cyberpunk media like Ghost in the Shell and maybe a Philip K Dick novel like Ubik, for instance, but watching batman fight his own batsuit and seeing the fighting style of an AI with no corporeal weaknesses was simply really cool.

This episode reminded me a lot of Doctor Ido from GUNMM (Alita: Battle Angel). Unlike Ido, however, the doc is relatively helpless himself. What I found particularly interesting in this episode was the 4 different body augmentations the gang uses, how they use them to fight batman, and the technology the doctor has available to him. 041b061a72


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