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Young, Dumb and Broke: How to Download So You Still Thinking of Me by Khalid and Other Songs That Capture Your Mood

Audio is even easier. Shocking as it may seem, you can still buy CDs. Rip them to a hard drive, and you have digital copies for as long as your hard drive lasts (and presumably, the CD will last even longer). Alternatively, you can buy and download DRM-free music and convert it to whatever file format you like or trust. iTunes and Amazon Music files are DRM-free, as are the downloads from many smaller music sites, many of which offer even higher-quality audio files. For older music downloads that have DRM, you can typically convert them to a DRM-free format such as FLAC or WAV.

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You can also use MagicMobile to link your photos to your account. The Disney MagicMobile service works like a MagicBand where you show your phone to the PhotoPass photographers to scan. You can also get attraction photos automatically linked with just the magic of your phone! Just ensure you have Bluetooth enabled for the My Disney Experience app and the photos should appear. You can still use your MagicBand or alternate between the two methods, so Lily can still scan her MagicBand when she wants to.

We get this question a lot, and our answer is always: That depends! You know your family and the amount of photos you'd like best. If it's your first time at Walt Disney World and you'll be there a while, Memory Maker may be a good investment to ensure that you get all of those magical shots. If you're a seasoned visitor who will be there for a short period of time, you may find that purchasing must-have photos a la carte (or just getting attraction photos via Disney Genie+) and using your phone the remainder of the time is all you need. We personally highly recommend Memory Maker and think it's worth going all-in on capturing these magical memories, but this of course varies by family.

It sounds like you purchased the One-Day Memory Maker, which should cover one date. All photos over the course of two days may not be included, but if you're having trouble with downloading just any photo, we'd suggest reaching out to PhotoPass guest services at (407) 560-4300.

Instead of the app, you can also try going directly to the Disney PhotoPass website. You should still be able to search through and select individual photos. There are different options for prints, and each option includes digital download rights to the photo. It would not include any watermarks.

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When you open the app, scroll to the main menu and select "Photos." Once you've found the photo you'd like to download, click on it, and there should be options to purchase unlimited downloads of that photo (along with options to purchase unlimited downloads of all photos from that day, or Memory Maker). You can also purchase individual photos on the Disney PhotoPass website.

Hey I am planning on buying an Annual Pass. The platinum pass to be exact. I live in SC so I will put the voucher in the app well before our trip but I will not pick up our pass until the day before our first day in the park. Will the photo pass work the first day in the park with an AP or does it take 3 days like MM? And are they unlimited downloads with APs for everyone on my account just like MM?

As long as your pass is linked in My Disney Experience during your trip, PhotoPass should go into effect immediately. Unlike Memory Maker, though, only Annual Passholders who are linked to your account will have the unlimited download benefit - so if you're traveling in a group and are the only one with an AP, be sure to scan your MagicBand at PhotoPass stops! You can then download and share, but others won't be able to do the same unless they are also pass holders (though they may be able to see the photos in My Disney Experience). Be sure that everyone is linked in My Disney Experience and has selected that everyone has permission to see one another's photos!

Hi, I am visiting Disney in a month. I saw this article and was interested in getting the attractions plus package but I can't find this anywhere on Disney's website. Is this still available or is it something that needs to purchased at the park? If so I am thinking i should contact disney to make sure because I will then need to determine if we should get the memory maker. I appreciate any info you can offer. Thank you.

In truth, knowing what a crowd wants takes experience, but bear in mind that watching your crowd carefully and always thinking about what might work for them is something you should be doing at all times as a DJ. The good news is that regardless of how fine-tuned your crowd-reading skills are, what is in this article will help you to make considerably better song choices anyway.

Hey i am having a win 8 preinstalled hp laptop. I dont why but i didnt get windows 10 reserve option.But My friend who has the same laptop model got so. so i guess my win 8 is corrupted or so. so any way i am going to download the official iso and i would like to know the version which i should be downloading. i have win 8 single language installed on my laptop. so should i download win 10 home or win 10 home single language? will i still be able to upgrade to win 10 if i choose win 10 home instead of win 10 home single language?

Pros: The reason I like this idea is because it is the least disruptive. It is also clear which format was selected. Users can technically select a second format to download while the first download is still in progress, so this solution will allow me to display multiple in progress messages at the same time. Also, when actions take time to finish, users often try clicking the button a second time. By displaying the progress symbol directly on the button, I think it will be clear that something related to the button action is still processing and there is no need to press the button again.Cons: What I'm not sure about is if this change is too subtle. I also don't know if users will find it disconcerting when the button text suddenly changes. Also, when the text becomes longer, the button size will expand, and the other buttons, like the XLXS will shift. Is this bad UX?

Pros: This message box will display in the center of the page, and so it will not get lost among the other UI elements like a message banner on the side of the buttons would. It is also displayed on top of all other elements on the page, so the rest of the page layout will not matter.Cons: This message blocks part of the page, so I would not be able to keep it for the entire duration of the download. Technically I can make the box dismissable, yet I don't think I should ever have a message displaying front and center of the page if the user continues with other actions on the page.

Pros: This idea is similar to the Snackbar, in that the layout of the page will be irrelevant. In a way, I like this better than the Snackbar idea, since it is on the side of the page and won't be as distracting. Also, since this is on the side of the page, I technically can display a stacked list of messages if the user selects a second download before the first one finishes.Cons: The element is on top of other elements, so I would either only be able to show the message for a few seconds, or I would need to add a button to make the box dismissable. I also don't know if it is a good idea to ever cover other UI elements. Also, will users not notice items displayed all the way on the side of the page?

About your comment: when you have concurrent downloads or messages, you could use stacked toasts or snackbars , just like Material recommends. So, you can make the toast disappear after download has finished + 5 to 8 seconds. Additionally, you can do something like this: If the download is still on, a dismiss action would make it smaller (for example, a small circle with a loader), but not make it disappear completely until download is finished.

Just as you do when browsing the web from a computer, look at something before you download it. Look at the number of downloads and the overall reviews. Think about what permissions the app wants and whether you're comfortable with the level of access it requires. Click the name of the developer, if you still aren't sure, and see what else they've created. And unless you really know what you're doing, don't download apps from random websites or other unestablished third-party sources. Such apps will still be scanned by Google's on-device security system before they're installed, but your odds of encountering something shady are significantly greater out in the wild than within the Play Store.

It's possible to get a virus on your phone by downloading apps from malicious developers or clicking links to websites you don't recognize. While malware and viruses like these are rare, they do exist, and you should know what to do if you encounter one. Here are some of the most common sources:

Excluding the Downloads folder and adding the file to Microsoft Defender's whitelist should prevent the Windows built-in security scanner from scanning this file and allow it to download successfully. However, if you still encounter the same error, we suggest temporarily disabling the Microsoft Defender firewall.

If you still experience the problem under discussion after applying the fixes listed above, you should ensure your device has not been infected, causing it to behave abnormally. It's possible for malware hidden inside your device to prevent Chrome from downloading files. So, you should make sure that's not the case here.

Michael Kay: Good afternoon, and on behalf of the Innovative Program Delivery office, I'd like to welcome everyone to today's Center for Innovative Finance Support Academy Webinar on State Infrastructure Banks. My name is Michael Kay, I'm with the UDSOT's Volpe Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I'll be monitoring today's webinar as well as facilitating our question and answer periods and helping to address any technical problems. Before we begin, I just want to point out a couple of key features of our webinar room. First, on the top left hand side, you'll find the audio call-in information, you are welcome to listen through your computer speakers, however, if you do experience any bandwidth issues, I do recommend that you dial in using that number. All lines are open, all phone lines are open so please go ahead and mute your phone lines locally. You also see an attendee list in the presentation download box where you can download a PDF version of the presentation, simply click the file name, click, download files and follow the prompts on your screen. And then on the bottom left is a chat box that you can use to submit questions to our presenters throughout the webinar. I do want to mention that we are recording today's webinar as well. Our presenters for today are Frederick Werner, Project Finance Manager in the Center for Innovative Finance Support and Kevin McDonald, Financial Analyst in Portfolio Management in the TIFIA Joint Program Office. And with that, I'd like to turn the webinar over to Frederick Werner. Fred, please go ahead.


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