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Loha: A Masterpiece of Action, Drama, and Thrill by Raj N. Sippy

Loha: A Classic Hindi Action Thriller Film

Have you ever watched a Hindi film that has everything you want from an action thriller? A film that has a brave police officer, a ruthless bandit, a cunning politician, a loyal friend, a beautiful heroine, a daring rescue mission, a thrilling chase sequence, a climactic showdown, and a lot of explosions? If not, then you should definitely watch Loha, a 1987 Hindi action thriller film directed by Raj N. Sippy. It features an ensemble cast of Dharmendra, Shatrughan Sinha, Karan Kapoor, Madhavi, Mandakini, Kader Khan and Amrish Puri. It was released in India on 23 January 1987.

Hindi Film Loha 1987

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Loha is one of those films that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. It has a gripping plot, engaging characters, catchy songs, stunning stunts, and impressive production values. It is also one of those films that will make you feel proud to be an Indian. It celebrates the values of honesty, courage, friendship, patriotism, and justice. It also exposes the evils of corruption, crime, violence, and oppression.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Loha and explore its story, analysis, reception, and legacy. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about this classic Hindi action thriller film. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this ride through Loha.

Plot summary

Loha tells the story of three men who join forces to save 25 hostages from a dreaded bandit who is on the payroll of a local politician. The three men are:

  • Amar (Dharmendra), an honest and diligent police inspector who tries to arrest Sher Singh (Amrish Puri), a notorious bandit who terrorizes the villagers.

  • Qasim Ali (Shatrughan Sinha), a former convict who is released from jail after serving 14 years for a crime he did not commit. He is the best friend of Amar and the father of Karan (Karan Kapoor), a young and brave man who works as a mechanic.

  • Dayal (Kader Khan), a kind and honest villager who is the grandfather of Seema (Mandakini), a beautiful and innocent girl who is in love with Karan.

The film begins with Amar trying to arrest Sher Singh, who has kidnapped 25 villagers and demanded a ransom of 25 lakhs from the government. Amar leads a team of police officers to Sher Singh's hideout, but they are ambushed by the bandit and his men. Amar manages to escape, but his team is killed. He vows to catch Sher Singh and bring him to justice.

Meanwhile, Qasim Ali is released from jail and reunites with his son Karan. He tells him that he was framed by Sher Singh, who was his partner in crime before he betrayed him and left him to die. Qasim also reveals that he has a hidden treasure that he wants to share with Karan. He asks Karan to accompany him to his village, where the treasure is buried.

On their way to the village, they meet Dayal and Seema, who are also traveling to the same village. Dayal tells them that he is going to meet his old friend Ram Prasad, who is the sarpanch (village head) of the village. He also tells them that he has a letter from Ram Prasad, inviting him to stay with him and offering him a job.

However, when they reach the village, they find out that Ram Prasad has been killed by Sher Singh, who has taken over the village and made it his base. Sher Singh also kidnaps Dayal and Seema, along with 23 other villagers, and holds them hostage. He demands 25 lakhs from the government, or else he will kill them all.

Amar learns about this and decides to go to the village alone, without informing his superiors. He hopes to rescue the hostages and capture Sher Singh. He meets Qasim and Karan on the way, who join him in his mission. They also find out that Sher Singh is working for Raja Saab (Jeevan), a corrupt politician who wants to use Sher Singh's influence to win the upcoming elections.

Qasim and Karan come up with a plan to free the hostages. They disguise themselves as prisoners and infiltrate Sher Singh's camp. They manage to free Dayal, Seema, and some other hostages, but they are discovered by Sher Singh, who orders his men to kill them. A fierce fight ensues, in which Qasim and Karan use their skills and weapons to fight back.

Amar arrives at the scene and joins them in the battle. He confronts Sher Singh and shoots him in the chest, but Sher Singh survives as he is wearing a bulletproof vest. He escapes with Raja Saab in a helicopter, taking Seema with him as a hostage. Amar, Qasim, and Karan chase them in a jeep, followed by some of Sher Singh's men.

The film ends with a thrilling chase sequence, in which Amar, Qasim, and Karan manage to shoot down the helicopter and rescue Seema. They also kill Raja Saab and Sher Singh, who falls from the helicopter and lands on a pile of explosives, blowing himself up. Amar, Qasim, Karan, Dayal, and Seema celebrate their victory and hug each other.


Loha is a film that explores various themes and messages related to society, politics, law, morality, friendship, love, and patriotism. Some of the themes and messages are:

  • The importance of honesty and integrity in public service. Amar represents an ideal police officer who does not compromise on his duty or principles. He does not succumb to corruption or pressure from his superiors or politicians. He risks his life to protect the innocent and uphold the law.

  • The evils of corruption and crime in society. Sher Singh and Raja Saab represent the nexus between criminals and politicians who exploit the poor and weak for their own gain. They use violence, intimidation, bribery, and blackmail to achieve their goals. They have no regard for human rights or dignity.

  • The value of friendship and loyalty in times of adversity. Qasim Ali and Karan represent true friends who stand by each other no matter what. They do not judge each other based on their past or present circumstances. They support each other in their quest for justice and redemption.

  • The power of love and compassion in overcoming hatred [user](# and violence. Seema represents a pure and innocent girl who loves Karan unconditionally. She also shows kindness and sympathy to Qasim, who is her father's killer. She forgives him and accepts him as her father-in-law. She also inspires Karan to change his ways and become a better person.

  • The spirit of patriotism and sacrifice for the nation. Amar, Qasim, and Karan represent patriotic heroes who fight against the enemies of the country. They risk their lives to save the hostages and stop Sher Singh and Raja Saab from spreading terror and chaos. They also sing a patriotic song, "Saare Jahan Se Achha", before their final battle.

Loha is a film that belongs to the action, drama, and thriller genres. It has all the elements that make a successful and entertaining film in these genres. Some of the elements are:

  • Action: The film is full of action scenes that showcase the skills and courage of the protagonists. The film has fistfights, gunfights, explosions, car chases, helicopter chases, and more. The film also has some impressive stunts performed by the actors themselves, such as Dharmendra jumping from a moving train, Shatrughan Sinha throwing knives, Karan Kapoor riding a motorcycle on a rope, and Amrish Puri hanging from a helicopter.

  • Drama: The film is also full of drama scenes that highlight the emotions and conflicts of the characters. The film has scenes of romance, friendship, betrayal, revenge, forgiveness, and redemption. The film also has some powerful dialogues delivered by the actors, such as Dharmendra's speech about duty and honor, Shatrughan Sinha's confession about his past, Kader Khan's plea for mercy, and Amrish Puri's taunts and threats.

  • Thriller: The film is also full of thriller scenes that create suspense and tension for the audience. The film has scenes of kidnapping, torture, escape, chase, and confrontation. The film also has some twists and turns that surprise the audience, such as Qasim Ali's revelation about his treasure, Sher Singh's survival after being shot, and Raja Saab's involvement in the plot.

Loha is a film that uses various techniques of music, cinematography, and editing to enhance its impact and appeal. Some of the techniques are:

  • Music: The film has a musical score composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal, who are known for their melodious and catchy tunes. The film has six songs written by Farooq Qaiser, who are known for their meaningful and poetic lyrics. The songs are sung by popular singers like Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Aziz, Anuradha Paudwal, Shabbir Kumar, and Nitin Mukesh. The songs are also picturized on the actors with colorful costumes and sets. The songs are:

  • "Saare Jahan Se Achha": A patriotic song sung by Mohammed Aziz and Nitin Mukesh. It is played during the climax of the film when Amar, Qasim, and Karan are ready to face Sher Singh and Raja Saab.

  • "Patli Kamar Lambe Baal": A romantic song sung by Anuradha Paudwal and Shabbir Kumar. It is played when Karan meets Seema for the first time and falls in love with her.

  • "Tere Bin Jeena Nahin": A sad song sung by Anuradha Paudwal and Mohammed Aziz. It is played when Seema is kidnapped by Sher Singh and Karan is worried about her.

  • "Main Tera Tota Tu Meri Maina": A playful song sung by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle. It is played when Qasim Ali meets Madhavi (Madhavi), a dancer who works for Sher Singh.

  • "Tu Ladki Number One Hai": A peppy song sung by Shabbir Kumar and Alka Yagnik. It is played when Karan praises Seema for her beauty and intelligence.

  • "Teri Hasti Hai Kya": A qawwali song sung by Mohammed Aziz and Anuradha Paudwal. It is played when Qasim Ali sings about his love for Madhavi in front of Sher Singh.

  • Cinematography: The film has a cinematography by Sushil Chopra who captures the action and drama of the film with his camera. He uses different angles, shots, and movements to create a dynamic and immersive visual experience for the audience. He also uses lighting, color, and contrast to create different moods and atmospheres for the scenes. He also makes use of special effects, such as slow motion, freeze frame, zoom, and split screen, to enhance the impact and appeal of the film.

  • Editing: The film has an editing by Waman Bhonsle and Gurudutt Shirali, who are known for their crisp and smooth editing. They use different techniques of editing, such as cutting, transitions, montage, and parallel editing, to create a coherent and engaging narrative for the film. They also use sound effects, music, and dialogues to create a seamless and synchronized audio-visual experience for the audience. They also maintain a fast and steady pace for the film, keeping the audience hooked and entertained throughout.


Loha received a mixed to positive response from the critics and audiences when it was released in 1987. Some of the responses are:

  • Critics: The critics praised the film for its action, drama, and thrill. They also appreciated the performances of the actors, especially Dharmendra, Shatrughan Sinha, Kader Khan, and Amrish Puri. They also lauded the music, cinematography, and editing of the film. However, some critics also criticized the film for its violence, clichés, and melodrama. They also pointed out some flaws and loopholes in the plot and logic of the film.

  • Audiences: The audiences loved the film for its entertainment value. They enjoyed the action, drama, and thrill of the film. They also liked the performances of the actors, especially Dharmendra, Shatrughan Sinha, Kader Khan, and Amrish Puri. They also liked the music, cinematography, and editing of the film. However, some audiences also disliked the film for its violence, clichés, and melodrama. They also found some flaws and loopholes in the plot and logic of the film.

Loha performed well at the box office when it was released in 1987. It was one of the highest-grossing films of that year in India. It also did well in overseas markets like Pakistan and Nepal. It was declared a hit by trade analysts.

Loha received several awards and nominations for its technical and artistic excellence. Some of them are:





Filmfare Awards

Best Supporting Actor

Kader Khan


Filmfare Awards

Best Villain

Amrish Puri


Filmfare Awards

Best Action Director

Veeru Devgan


Filmfare Awards

Best Editing

Waman Bhonsle and Gurudutt Shirali


Bollywood Movie Awards

Best Action FilmLoha


Bollywood Movie Awards b70169992d


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