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Santiago Nguyen
Santiago Nguyen

Concealer 1.3.5

I got this concealer/highlighter as a gift and the concealer is so think it doesn't give any coverage and it just fills the lines underneath by eyes. It also broke soon after I got it. Wouldn't recommend.

Concealer 1.3.5

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The concealer has no coverage and did not brighten infact it kind of vanished when blended in very watery formula the highlighter too was just odd I actually gave it to my daughter she's 13 and she loves it however she has no bags or fine lines she likes the highlighter I think this is all this product is good for teens just getting into makeup.

I picked this up while traveling in the US as it was extremely cheap. The under eye concealer isn't too bad, although there are some similarly priced drug store brands I like better. It was quite useful while traveling having both thee concealer and highlighter. However, the highlighter isn't one I would use regularly and I'm not a fan of liquid highlighters in general.

First of all I love the highlighter in this, I apply it to the top of my cheekbones and my brow bone for a noticeable yet subtle highlight on my very pale skin. The concealer on the other hand does nothing for me for undereye, it's too liquidy and generally just wipes away the foundation I've already applied. I have found use for the concealer cleaning up the edges of my eyebrow and sometimes works cleaning the edges of my winged eyeliner. The highlighter may also be too light for darker skintones as it is a completely white liquid. So all up, I would not recommend for darker skin tones, but for the cheap price I would say give it a go if you think you could get use out of the highlighter.

I bought this product off for $3 USD which is a bargain! This product has two end to it, one wand is a concealer and the other wand is a highlighter. The concealer is not effective and I find it does nothing coverage wise. This product is quite thin and watery which makes it really easy to blend and apply. However it basically just blends away into my skin and doesn't cover any of the dark circles under my eyes.

The highlighter on the other hand is great. It illuminates your skin nicely. I like using this on the top of my cheek bones and under the brow bone for a nice glow. This highlighter has a nice subtle glow, as the sparkles in this highlighter aren't big or chunky. It's great for everyday use. The consistency a quite fluid which makes it easy to apply and blend in. But unlike the concealer it doesn't disappear into your skin.

When i think of this concealer in my head i think "meh" its not out of this world nor is it super bad it's just average. For someone who is getting into makeup for the first time this isn't bad!i wouldn't bother with using it on it's own but over the top of foundation its not bad. Wet 'n' wild is defiantly affordable and do have some great stuff but i really didn't think this was anything special. I probably wont buy again.

I got this after my fit me concealer ran out as it looked similar to swatch and was less than half the price! So value for money is there. When I applied it though it kind of moved around on my face, I like to pat concealer on with my finger but it kind of bounced between my finger and my skin without covering. It applied better with a brush. Nice consistency and colour.

The wand application is easy to use and the felted brush head allows targeted cover. I bought the "Beige" but found it to be too 'orange' for me as I'm super pale. It is too thick for me- I prefer a serum-like weightlessness to my concealers. This would be great to cover larger areas such as undereyes. Only cost me $7 at Farmers. 041b061a72


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