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Graber Window Covering |TOP|

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graber window covering


Today Graber is a leader in combining sophisticated style, energy efficiency, unyielding quality, and innovative design to create truly exceptional window treatments. In return, our customers have unparalleled brand loyalty towards our company, and our dealers. Headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin, Graber is part of the Springs Window Fashions family of companies, the second-largest global manufacturer and distributor of window coverings and drapery hardware. The company's extraordinary offerings are available through independent designers, franchisors, and decorators.

Window coverings continue to reach monumental status of efficiency, convenience, and innovation. Come the new year, Graber Window Coverings is releasing their latest design in technology (and maybe the one we are most excited about). Introducing The UltraLite Lift System: a groundbreaking design that operates with one simple touch. The weightlessness creates a perfect placement every time when lifting or lowering the shades in your home. So precise, that Graber states no adjustment is necessary with this function!

Grabers new lift control system stands above the rest. In fact, did you know that the UltraLite Lift System covers more configurations than other industry competition? Graber shows that the new UltraLite Lift System design is compatible with 60 percent more window sizes on average than the closest competitor. No matter the décor of your home, or functionality needs, you can count on Graber to provide a high-quality product with premium style to your home.

Getting the UltraLite Lift System is like upgrading your everyday life. You no longer have to adjust, shift, or waste time getting your shades to look just right. You can put the shade exactly where you want it, every time. While we do not have the liberty to reveal all the secrets yet, know that you can get custom window coverings that will make each room in the house stand out.

Gain full control of privacy in your living room, foyer, office, or bedroom by lifting or lowering the shade and then letting it be. The hidden mechanics eliminate tangled cords, rusted rods, or broken hardware. Plus, it keeps a modern look for your windows. Block out the sun a little or a lot depending on the time of day. Roller or solar shades with the UltraLite Lift System reduces the light gap so unwanted sunlight stays out and the shade stays indoors.

Grabers also has a UltraLite Dual Lift option which can operate both continuous-loop lift and cordless lift. This is the best choice for your larger windows that reach to the ceiling or are wider than average.

If you currently have, or are looking to add, roller or solar shades to your home, consider Graber products. Then, add the UltraLite Lift System made exclusively for Graber roller and solar shades. Your life will instantly feel easier and worry-free when it comes to window treatments.

Roller shades are a popular choice for contemporary homes. They come with varying opacity levels so you can choose from sheer to blackout fabrics for the light filtering you desire. Roller shades have a simple but sleek appearance that will be an improvement from ordinary window coverings. If you have curtains or draperies, add roller shades with the UltraLite Lift System to layer extra privacy and light filtering options.

Since 1939, the Graber brand has been synonymous with window fashions.Originating with drapery hardware, then expanding into blind and fabric shadecollections, Graber has been the name designers and decorators have come todepend upon for custom quality and timeless appeal.The full line of Graber window fashions features everything you need to createclassic looks, including the decorative hardware that frames your window withartistic style. In addition, you'll discover many innovative features builtright into your blinds and shades that make the function of your blinds asattractive as the fashion.

Linda B. Home OwnerSet up an in-home appointment Today.We can discuss blind, shutter and window treatment design styles, and help with ideas for what you want for your new space. After the appointment, we take your ideas and create a custom plan and quote.

For more than 70 years, Graber and Springs Window Fashions have been providing beautiful, top-quality window treatments to help unlock your inner designers and bring style and sophistication to your home. Dearco carries a wide range of its solutions to meet your needs. Plus, as a Best Experience brand, Graber backs up every window treatment with a 70-year tradition of excellence and a lifetime warranty.Cellular ShadesWith an insulating honeycomb design and premium fabrics, Graber Cellular Shades are made for high performance and energy savings. They come in many sizes and specialty shapes to fit a range of windows and doors.

At Equiparts, our primary window treatment provider is Graber. Graber is the largest manufacturer of window blinds and shades in the United States. They have been making window treatments since 1939. Our sales reps have received training from our Graber rep so that they can better assist you with your window treatment needs. We will work with you and our Graber representative to provide the right window treatments for your facility.

There are a wide variety of commercial window treatments to choose from. Watch the video below to learn more about the two most popular options: mini-blinds (the most popular type of blind), and solar shades (also known as solar screens).

In this video, Rebecca, our window treatment specialist from Graber, discusses the two most popular window treatments for commercial facilities with Joe of Equiparts. She explains the features of solar shades, where they are used more often, the opacity levels and what that means, and more. Rebecca also shares the features and options available for mini-blinds, a timeless window treatment option that is also found frequently in commercial facilities today.

We can provide you with any of the window treatment options listed above. However in this article, we focus primarily on solar shades and aluminum and vinyl mini-blinds. For more information on the options listed above, give us a call to get started.

In this video, Rebecca provides step-by-step instructions for how to properly measure windows for inside mounted window treatments. You will find out what tools are needed, how to measure, and why you need to take three measurements of the width, height, and depth. Rebecca will also explain how to record your window measurements for multiple windows, while sharing additional measurement tips and know-how.

In this video, Rebecca and Joe show you how to measure windows for the installation of outside mounted window treatments. They go over how to measure each window for outside mount installations, how to adjust measurements to guarantee complete coverage, along with other measurement tips.

Below is a list of PDFs that comprise our Window Treatment Guide. These PDFs will make your window treatment ordering process easy. You can either download each one separately, or you could skip to the 6th item, and download a single document that contains the Complete Set of PDFs .These guides are helpful takeaways that you can print and refer to while choosing your window treatment, taking measurements, and creating your order.

Why Take 3 Height Measurements? Graber uses the longest height of the 3 height measurements taken. This ensures that the blind or shade will be long enough to adequately cover the longest part of the window.

Why add 2-3 inches of overlap to outside mounted rollers or shades? For windows without moulding, we recommend adding 2-3 inches of overlap to each side of an outside mounted blind or shade in order to minimize any light gaps on the sides. For windows with moulding, we recommend measuring from edge to edge on the outside edges of the moulding.

We checked out both Budget Blinds which sells Hunter Douglas and Costco which sells Graber. Graber came in came in at half the price but the quality is poor: plastic parts. The Costco person who came to measure didn't even really measure. She also wouldn't discuss the possibility of shades on our French doors and the kitchen store door. Both have handles as opposed to knobs. We are very happy with my Hunter Douglas which we have on other windows. The Costco person left quickly and it seemed as if she was rushing from one job to the next without explaining anything or educating us about the product. The Budget Blinds person brought in several color samples from her van which spoke to her 20 years as a decorator and franchise owner of Budget Blinds.

I just got a quote from Costco/graber. It's less than 1/2 of the least expensive Home Depot/Hunter Douglas quote I got last week, plus discounts. Budget Blinds is coming tomorrow. I will probably go with the least expensive, I was shocked by the HD quote!

Thanks, Mike! The upper windows are quite high. They are doing electrical rough in now (new construction). Does it need to be pre-wired now? Is the hard wired shade much more expensive than the batteries operated?

I would definitely have the windows pre-wired. I am not familiar enough with what Lutron is offering in motorization to give you a definite answer on cost differences. What you will normally find is that cost will depend on the type of motors that can be used. This will depend on the shade type and size. If the shade you are looking at is available with batteries then you should be able to use a low voltage adapter that will plug into an outlet and it replaces the batteries. This should be nearly the same price as using the battery operation. If your shade is large or heavy and needs 110 volts for the motor, then your costs just went way up.Since you have mentioned Lutron, you may well have a home automation computer being set up by Lutron. Other motorized shades you could look at would be from Graber or Hunter Douglas. They can both be integrated with the home automation with no problem.Good Luck 041b061a72


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