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[S4E20] Sex Dolls And Videotape

In the holiday special My Little Pony Best Gift Ever, Flim and Flam appear in disguise selling cheap "Holly the Hearth's Warmer" Hearth's Warming dolls in Rainbow Falls as part of another attempt to fund an expansion of their resort. Applejack and Fluttershy foil their scheme by convincing their customers to put more time and effort into their Hearth's Warming gifts. Flim and Flam are later run out of Rainbow Falls by their angered customers, and they are last seen on the Friendship Express surrounded by boxes of their unsold merchandise during The True Gift of Gifting.

[S4E20] Sex Dolls and Videotape

Carol is first seen when Mateo takes over shift assignments from Amy and hands out undesirable duties to those that annoy him. Carol asks where Amy is and Mateo assigns her to freezer duty. Later, when Jonah is in the Break Room dressing up a sex doll to look like Amy, Carol is among those that walk in on him. When Mateo asks Jonah if he owns sex dolls of each of the employees, Carol uses her vest to cover up her chest. ("Mannequin")

Because Helen wanted to dissect her dolls rather than play wedding when she was a kid doesn't mean that things couldn't change for her as an adult, and she had to subject herself to this binary way of thinking when it came to her interests and desires as a woman. 041b061a72


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