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[TRENDING] Lono €? Responsive HTML5 Audio Player With Playlist WordPress Plugin

You can customize this html5 audio player by changing the color for: player background, volume slider, timer, buffer, seekbar, song title, playlist background, playlist font and playlist item line separator. In this manner you have the possibility to integrate this audio player in any design.

[TRENDING] Lono – Responsive HTML5 Audio Player With Playlist WordPress Plugin


You can customize this html5 audio player by changing the color for: player background, volume slider, timer, buffer, seekbar, song title, playlist background, playlist font and playlist item line separator. In this manner you have the possibility to integrate this audio player in any design.

This versatile, lightweight video player plugin allows you to play YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos on responsive websites. In the case of non-responsive websites, you can disable responsive behavior. You can integrate the player into your website design through a customizable color scheme. It has three playlist versions, and playlists can be structured by categories. There is a button to show or hide the playlist thumb, title, and description. You can define a logo in the top left corner.

Lono is a feature-packed audio plugin that you can use as a complete HTML5 audio player with a playlist or as a slick audio player without playlists. You can integrate this HTML 5 audio player into any website design by changing the color of the player background, volume slider, timer, buffer, seekbar, song title, playlist background, playlist font, and playlist item line separator. It's fully responsive and compatible with both iOS and Android.

If you use WPBakery Page Builder, this add-on will allow you to insert audio players on responsive websites and pages. You can customize over 55 parameters, including color, autoplay, loop, shuffle, initial volume, and even the show or hide playlist parameters. You can activate Google Analytics to see how many times a particular audio file has been played. Users can share songs on Facebook and Twitter, buy songs, and see the lyrics via a separate link when they click on the lyrics button.

Zuper is a responsive MP3 streaming audio player that supports Shoutcast and Icecast. It works seamlessly on mobile devices. In addition, it is compatible with both Android and iOS. You can customize the color and skins, and you can integrate it easily into your website design scheme. The player shows a photo of the musician current playing, plus a bio if available. You can share your radio on Facebook or Twitter.

ZoomSounds is a retina-ready, fully responsive HTML5 WordPress audio player that supports self-hosted MP3, M4A, and WAV files, as well as MP3 Shoutcast radio stations. This plugin features nine editable CSS skins, so you can customize them or simply choose a style that suits your brand.

Host your own audio tracks and play them in this beautiful, modern WordPress audio player. This plugin's interface is built around the waveform of the audio file that is playing, and it allows you to insert custom track information for your files. Ideal for music and podcast websites, this WordPress audio plugin is fully integrated with WooCommerce, and uses Font Awesome 5 for high-quality icon design.

This high-performance WordPress audio player encourages listeners to interact with your content. With playlist search, lyrics integration, download, purchase, and social share capability, this WordPress audio plugin keeps listeners engaged. Integrate this player into your existing website design with fully customizable colour schemes. Mobile-compatible, responsive design ensures that your audio will reach your audience, every time.

Fully compatible with responsive websites, this plugin also allows you to disable responsive behaviour for integration into non-responsive sites, should you desire. With support for Shoutcast and Icecast and over 70 customization options, this is the only WordPress audio plugin you need for radio streaming.

This easy-to-use WordPress HTML5 audio player is customizable, with multiple skins and unlimited colour options. Retina-ready and mobile responsive, this audio plugin features keyboard control, external links to support purchases and downloads, track info, and playlists with an adjustable scrollbar. Configure your audio player easily with a drag-and-drop admin panel.

This mobile-compatible WordPress audio plugin can be used as a fully functional player, or to play background music on your WordPress site. This plugin features continuous playback and shuffle options, as well as the ability to automatically generate a playlist from a folder of .mp3 files. Insert multiple instances of this player into your website or a page and customize the design by changing the colour or hiding elements, to best complement your website.

This WordPress video plugin supports pre-, mid- and post-roll video and pop-up ads, so you have full control of the advertising potential of your content. Play videos from multiple sources in your playlists, track plays and advertising data using integrated Google Analytics, and expect seamless performance across platforms with this WordPress video player.

To help show you just how easy it is to create an audio player and add it to your website with one of the premium audio player plugins available, we are going to go over how to create an audio player with the WavePlayer WordPress plugin.

Discover CodeCanyon's massive library of the highest-quality HTML5 audio player scripts and plugins ever created. You can purchase one of these scripts and plugins with a low one-time payment and draw in more traffic to your website.

Using the default browser audio player has many limitations. The audio player is not built for speed and will most likely not fit in with the design of your website. By taking advantage of the premium HTML5 audio player plugins available on CodeCanyon, you will have access to features such as

This multi-skin audio player can fit in seamlessly with any website. The complete set of audio player controls and social sharing buttons makes this audio player plugin a go-to plugin for displaying and previewing your website's audio.

Disk Audio Player is a stylish HTML5 audio player plugin for WordPress with unlimited color options and playlists. What is great about this plugin is the easy-to-use dashboard interface. There is a simple form with a wide array of options for you to fill out for each audio file in the player, making it easy to manage.

You can use this plugin as a complete HTML5 audio player with comprehensive features or as a compact audio player. The audio player includes functions such as a volume slider, timer, buffer, seekbar, playlist background, and much more.

By purchasing a premium HTML5 audio player plugin, you will have one of the highest quality audio player plugins available on the web. These premium plugins come with more features and dedicated support teams to ensure the plugin will work and continue to work on your website.

For a low monthly cost, you can subscribe to Envato Elements and get access to a library full of audio players and add them to your website. You can try as many different plugins as you like with your subscription, so you are not restricted to using one audio player plugin.

If your website needs to showcase audio on any of your posts, pages, or sidebars, CodeCanyon has a library full of HTML5 audio players that you can choose from. By purchasing a premium HTML5 audio player plugin on CodeCanyon, you will get access to the most comprehensive set of features for the audio player and be able to provide your website visitors with the best audio experience possible.

This plugin is helpful for musicians who want to create audio and video charts for their websites. Make top or trending charts with ease. The plugin supports both custom videos and embeds from YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Daily Motion, and others.

This plugin is installed to work as a full-fledged HTML5 audio player with a playlist. It can also become a slick audio player with minimal features and without a playlist. The player is customizable, so you can change the player background, playlist font, and playlist line separator.

Wonder Audio Player is a WordPress plugin that helps you create responsive HTML5 audio player for your WordPress websites. It is compatible with popular WordPress page builders or editors, for example, WordPress Classic Editor, WordPress Block Editor, WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor, Divi Builder, SiteOrigin Page Builder, Beaver Builder etc.

With Music & Entertainment Website Templates you can promote your tunes by adding a free music player and even publish your latest official music videos or live performances. With the 2022 best html5 website templates you can advertise bands and your upcoming concerts, sell online music albums (which is coming soon), a music event, and merchandise, showcase a gallery of recent tours and even run a blog. Free modern musician HTML website template with faster web design supports playlists, Youtube and Vimeo. Enrich your website with modern web design, video assets for a music app landing page, modern music application, dynamic music player, playlist service, real estate logo maker, producer record label, WordPress plugins, etc. DJ music website template, which is fully responsive single, very easy to customize, and works correctly in different browsers and devices. HTML 5 music and HTML one page parallax effect template have some innovative solutions that make it easy to use. Royalty free music templates are great for a music band, music artist, radio station, music industry representatives, 2 radio station, music band, musician and so on.

Digital Shock Melody (DSM) player is responsive animated html5 audio player with playlist. It has svg elements ( control playback buttons ) with nice gradient color and it's totally resolution independent.

Presto Player is a WordPress audio and video player plugin. It gives your website a powerful and stylish way to play and send live audio. A theme that works with Presto Player can help you quickly build a website for your online radio station. 350c69d7ab


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