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Safari Vs Chrome Iphone 4s

I'm trying to resize an image on the client side using "file[type=input]" and an html5 canvas. The code works fine in desktop chrome and android chrome -- and also in iOS when tested with a 2048px JPG.

safari vs chrome iphone 4s

Download File:

Earlier I had a glimmer of hope that Apple had relaxed the App Store rules to allow Chrome as a real native application on iOS, complete with its V8 JavaScript engine and newer version of WebKit (535.19). Unfortunately, as suspected, Chrome on iOS uses iOS' UIWebView, which means the same rendering engine as mobilesafari. On my iPhone 4S running iOS 6 B2, you can see the same user agent string (with the Chrome OS version tacked in between some other things) shared between mobilesafari and Chrome.

In addition, like other apps leveraging UIWebView, there's no access to mobilesafari's Nitro JavaScript engine which has JIT and other optimizations that make it run much faster. That means JavaScript execution is significantly slower inside Chrome on iOS than it is in mobilesafari.

Safari isnt working at all on Iphone 5s. When I open safari and go to search field it goes straight back to the home page. I have done all of the above and reset all content and settings. Any ideas, this is very frustrating and time consuming?

The above behaviour seems perfectly reasonable and as you can imagine, if we're defining multiple hosts in multiple directives of our CSP, not having to add https:// to ever single one is certainly going to cut down on the size of the policy. Sadly, safari doesn't do this! In the below image you can see that Safari is blocking an asset being loaded from even though is present in the style-src directive of the CSP, as indicated.

This demo only works in recent versions of safari, chrome, firefox, and opera. In the now-defunct real version, the caption for each slide animates separately and the site degrades well in older browsers. 350c69d7ab


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