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Pistruiatul: A Historical Drama with a Twist of Humor and Action

Pistruiatul: The Romanian TV Series that Captivated Millions

If you are looking for a historical drama with a twist of humor and action, you might want to check out Pistruiatul, a Romanian TV series from 1973 that consists of 10 episodes. Pistruiatul tells the fictional adventures of Mihai Pleșa, a freckled boy who gets involved in supporting the communist underground movement during World War II. The series was directed by Francisc Munteanu and starred Sergiu Nicolaescu, Réka Nagy and Costel Băloiu.

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What is Pistruiatul about?

Pistruiatul is set in a small provincial town where the members of the communist illegalist movement are preparing for the Liberation Day. Pistruiatul, a 14-year-old boy, becomes the hero of these events led by his friend and comrade Andrei, who is actually a secret agent. With the help of his history teacher, his father and his dog Calu, Pistruiatul faces every challenge with courage and wit. Along the way, he discovers the true meaning of his missions: supporting the communist cause.

Why is Pistruiatul worth watching?

Pistruiatul is not only a historical drama, but also a propaganda piece that reflects the ideology and values of the communist regime in Romania. The series portrays the illegalist movement as heroic and patriotic, while depicting the enemies as cruel and corrupt. The series also shows the hardships and sacrifices of the people during the war, as well as their hopes and dreams for a better future.

Pistruiatul is also a captivating story that mixes suspense, comedy and romance. The characters are well-developed and relatable, especially Pistruiatul, who is a charming and clever protagonist. The series also features some memorable scenes and dialogues that have become part of the Romanian popular culture.

Where can you download Pistruiatul?

If you are interested in watching Pistruiatul, you can find it online on various platforms. You can watch it on YouTube, where you can find all 10 episodes in one video. You can also download it from, where you can find a torrent link. Alternatively, you can visit, where you can find more information and videos about Pistruiatul and other Romanian movies.

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What are the episodes of Pistruiatul?

Pistruiatul consists of 10 episodes, each with a different title and plot. Here is a brief summary of each episode:

  • Evadarea (The Escape): Pistruiatul helps Andrei escape from the prison where he was captured by the Nazis.

  • Întâlnirea (The Meeting): Pistruiatul meets his history teacher, who is also a member of the illegalist movement, and receives his first mission.

  • Vioara (The Violin): Pistruiatul steals a violin from a Nazi officer and delivers it to a Jewish musician who is hiding in the woods.

  • Depoul (The Depot): Pistruiatul sabotages a train depot where the Nazis are storing weapons and ammunition.

  • Geamantanul (The Suitcase): Pistruiatul carries a suitcase full of explosives to a hotel where a Nazi general is staying.

  • Omul de legătură (The Liaison): Pistruiatul becomes the liaison between Andrei and the other illegalists, and faces some dangers along the way.

  • Fluturașii (The Flyers): Pistruiatul distributes flyers with anti-Nazi messages around the town.

  • Informatorul (The Informer): Pistruiatul discovers that there is an informer among the illegalists, and tries to expose him.

  • Dolma (The Dolma): Pistruiatul infiltrates a Nazi banquet and serves them poisoned dolma, a traditional dish.

  • Eliberarea (The Liberation): Pistruiatul participates in the final battle against the Nazis and celebrates the liberation of Romania.

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How was Pistruiatul received by the public and critics?

Pistruiatul was a huge success when it was first aired in 1973. It attracted millions of viewers who were fascinated by the story and the characters. It also received positive reviews from critics who praised the direction, the acting and the cinematography. Pistruiatul became one of the most popular and influential Romanian TV series of all time, and a cultural phenomenon that shaped a generation.

However, Pistruiatul also faced some controversy and criticism for its political and ideological message. Some viewers and critics accused the series of being a propaganda tool that glorified the communist regime and distorted the historical reality. Some also pointed out the inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the plot and the characters. Pistruiatul was banned during the 1989 Revolution that overthrew the communist dictatorship, and was only restored after 1990.

What is the legacy of Pistruiatul?

Pistruiatul remains a classic and a landmark in the history of Romanian cinema and television. It has been re-aired several times on various channels, and has been released on DVD and online platforms. It has also inspired many other works of art, such as books, comics, songs and parodies. Pistruiatul has also been studied and analyzed by scholars and historians who have explored its cultural, social and political impact.

Pistruiatul is more than just a TV series. It is a part of the Romanian collective memory and identity. It is a source of nostalgia and pride for many Romanians who grew up watching it. It is also a testimony of a turbulent and complex period in Romania's history, and a reflection of its hopes and challenges.

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