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Introduced with German titles throughout, some are comical. This film is titled "Dreibubenhaus" [The House of the Three Boys] in honor of a then current theatrical presentation in Vienna. CUs, the twin boys don hats and joke for the camera. Sequence of the boys waking up, saying prayers, washing faces, getting dressed, and ready for school. The three Illich boys eat breakfast and exit their home (filmed from mother Ellen (Maexie) Regenstreif's room on the top floor of the villa), walking the grand grounds of Villa Regenstreif. The governess "Selli" Frauer escorts the boys onto a tram and kisses them goodbye as they enter school. Pan of the city square with the school on one end, panning up to the grand Baroque Piarist Church of Maria Treu. The boys eat lunch with their grandfather, Fritz Regenstreif, and governess. Views of the ornate home. CUs of the boys eating. 01:05:34 Sascha and Micha play the piano and the violin with teacher and friend Olga Novakovic, and then sit at their desks and do their homework. Ivan holds a little bird named Hansi. The twins play with a wooden model house. The three boys say their prayers, kiss each other good night and go to sleep. 01:08:24 Part 2 - on Sunday. Pan of the Vienna skyline from the top of the landmark highrise building at Herrengasse ("Hochhaus Herrengasse", built in 1931-32 by architects Theiss and Jaksch, was Vienna's first highrise). The boys chase a car as it drives by the camera. The family makes a trip to the grave of their grandmother, Johanna Regenstreif (d. 1934), in Potzleinsdorf. 01:09:43 The boys go sledding in winter on the meadow of "Wasserturm". For Three Kings Day, the family dresses in costume and act for the camera. The women -- Maexie, friend Vita Kuenstler [who worked at the Neue Galerie and apparently took over its management when it was Aryanized], and the governess -- playfully hassle one another. One of the twins is costumed as Hans Albers, and another as Michael Moser [probably 'Hans Moser', a prominent film and stage actor of the 1930s whose role as the muckraking civil servant ("Amtsdiener" as the intertitle suggests) were legendary]. 01:12:56 Blossoms on the trees in springtime, followed by a sequence in autumn with the family visiting Vienna's most famous overlook at Leopoldsberg (a church and estate at the top of a hill). They continue on to the monastery at Klosterneuburg and pose for a photograph at St. Leopold with their grandfather. 01:15:10 Children gathered around a table with sweet treats for a birthday tea party. Ivan sits next to his friend, Marion Stein (daughter of Erwin Stein, a very important colleague of Mahler, Bartok, Weber).

The Big Tree full movie download in italian hd

Family activities in the year 1936. Introduced with German titles throughout, some are comical. The Illich boys play-act for the camera and take a walk through a park in April 1936 with their grandfather, Fritz Regenstreif. CUs of the spring blossoms and the boys getting into a car. A religious procession for communion on May 21, 1936. The twins are part of the ceremony, parade in the square in front of the Maria Treu Piarist Church, and gather with classmates for a group photograph. Ellen (Maexie), Ivan, Sascha, and Micha depart by foot and car. They speak with a priest and plant a tree on the Villa Regenstreif grounds. The family dons driving goggles and takes an expedition in a convertible car, visiting Langenlois and other places in Lower Austria. 01:25:01 The children take a school trip to Schneeberg in the Alps on June 9, 1936. Views of the boys inside the train and of the pastoral countryside. The children exit the train, and then board another up the mountain ["Mit Volldampf auf den Schneeberg" - "With full steam ahead off to Schneeberg"] Panoramic shots of the snowy mountain. The children gather around a lookout at the top, hike, and return to the train platform. 01:29:09 A grand parade for the feast of Corpus Christi in the streets of Vienna, including military troops and religious clergy. The family attends Turnfest, a sport and cultural display of gymnasts, at an outdoor arena on June 14, 1936. Crowds gather at the stadium, "Reichspost" balloon lift, demonstrations with flags and calisthenics, dancing, acrobatics, and track races. 01:33:44 The family takes another vacation in Austria in September 1936 to the villages of Moenichkirchen, Burgland, and Bernstein.

Introduced with German titles throughout. Views of the Villa Regenstreif (Poetz). Blossoming trees in the spring, the garden, outdoor pool, sculptures, and fountains. The fountain with a high water jet is a copy of New York's Central Park Conservatory. 02:25:14 View of the villa foyer (see Story 1249 at 03:17:15 for a view of the same foyer as the family is forced to sell the villa to the Nazis). In summer, terraces, sprinklers (beautiful shot), stairs. Film switches to color. The twins with red vests ride new bicycles. The garden is in full bloom. In autumn, more faded color scenes of the house, Yugoslavian flag hanging from the window after the Anschluss [the intention was to give the impression that the property was owned by foreigners], greenhouse, gardens, statues, and flowers. Grandfather Fritz appears at 02:30:36. Title introduces winter but the film ends with the Kodak logo. 350c69d7ab


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