MYEPI Strategy Leadership Training Program

MYEPI is forming youth Leadership teams in your area.  The training focus is life planning as it relates to economic, health & wellness, Political & community engagement, and spiritual internalization & transformation. Will provide a team membership grant for every group of 10 youth that form a MYEPI Leadership Team.  To qualify for the grant, There must be:

1. Host to provide a meeting place with computers (Churches, schools, Centers, etc,)

2. An adult 20 or older to coach/facilitate the leadership team.

3. 10 youth members 14 to 19. A membership includes the entire family.  A youth family unit (YFU)

4. Parents and youth signed permission


The online sessions are conducted as focus group discussion about life issues with a facilitator coach.  We will take advantage of the industry leaders through reading & listening to success principles from articles & cd/dvd in success magazine and others.  Also, local leaders to share their experiences.  Click to visit the MetroVoice Online Training


Life Marketing & Self-Coaching


 1. MYEPI Life Coach Training


Each candidate will undergo an extensive training in how to build an M-YEPI Leadership team and how to facilitate the "FrameWork for Success" training. The process is very simple. Each participate will develop their own "Winning Life Game Plan".  This is learning by doing.  Completion of the training result in a detailed 5-10-15 year life plan. Upon completion the participant will be certified as a MYEPI Youth Life Coach and is authorized to establish and train a m-yepi youth leadership team.