MetroVoice Youth Entrepreneurs Program Mission Statement

To create an organization of people with a Vision, Who Network their talents and skills to Create Wealth through Economic Cooperation and Collaborations.

To create an organization of youth with a vision who develop a winning life game plan through strategic planning

To develop a program that enhances youth lives in the following areas: Economic-Health-Politics-Self-realization

Creating Wealth Through Economic Cooperation

Wealth: A great quantity of valuable material, either possessions or resources.
Economic: Of or concerning the production, development, and management of material wealth.
Cooperation: Engaging in joint economic activities; working together.
Networking: The development of contacts or exchange of information with others. A system of interconnected or cooperating individuals

MetroVoice Youth Entrepreneurs Program, Inc.


The MetroVoice Youth Entrepreneurs Program, Incorporated (M-YEPI) models persons’ experiences, to enlighten the individual: by this process, they mature and can elevate oneself to recognize true purpose, and effectively be engaged in the Revolution.
M-YEPI sole vision is to service the community through organizing persons for proactive change. M-YEPI recognizes that holistic success starts from within and promotes personal life-marketing plans thru the model of entrepreneurship.


This is a time to cooperate with life. I am agreeable, patient, tolerant, and diplomatic. I am open and receptive. I observe, I listen, I think. Others are at ease around me. I create harmony everywhere. I am relaxed, gentle, and pleasant.
I find the power within myself to make positive changes. Through it all I know that I am safe.
I am centered and relaxed, knowing every moment is an opportunity to give and to receive goodness. I see myself in a new light today.
My consciousness is the key to the flow of money in my life. What I give out in thought comes back to me in experience. As I conceive of myself having more money, more money comes to me.
I am happy to see other people expressing prosperity. It is a mirror of my own rich abundance. There is plenty for all of us.

MetroVoice Youth Entrepreneurs Program,


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