Winning Life Game Plan

Documenting their strategy in a winning life game plan will provide a living map to a successful and wholesome life.  This “Winning Life Game Plan” is a five-year strategic plan for their life.  M-YEPI facilitates a series of workshops, discussions, trainings, and hands-on learning models. These sources of information collectively form a “life plan workbook” that outlines goals, objectives, missions, vision, S.W.O.T. Analysis, etc.  This empowers the participant to effectively engage in society and assert the proper influence building upon a foundation of success, service, and Truth.

The objectives in the "Structure Model" are to integrate the business owners/leaders and other

community organizations into a networking system that can effectively assist and guide

MetroVoice youth in developing their “Winning Life Game Plan”


The "Process Model" addresses the issues of Personal & Leadership Development, Economics & Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness, and Community Engagement.  The winning life game plan is the road map that navigates the youth through the roadblocks of life as they examine their S.W.O.T. Analysis.  This process leads the participant through information gathering, examining that information for understanding, and determining a strategy for engagement.


The "Driver Model" identifies qualifying factors that maintain balance and direction of the program. As a leadership development tool, it is intended that the youth organize and operate the organization themselves. The three models working in harmony guarantee a successful program where the youth is developing partnerships that foster information sharing and support, and engaging in the activities that will create a SUPPORT NETWORK for our youth.

MetroVoice’s unique “Winning Life Game Plan” is presented in a 3-dimentional model.  Structure, the first model shows the dual organizational model and the connections between the youth and their support.  Process, the second model defines the theme, content, methods, and products.  Drivers, the third model exhibits the keys to success.


Metro Voice’s well- defined “Winning Life Game Plan” overlays a two-tier organization framework over a comprehensive and detailed life planning process held together by the appropriate and measurable success factors.