The program focus is to recruit, train and certify M-YEPI Youth Life Coaches. These life coaches will organize and facilitate M-YEPI leadership teams in the various areas, hopefully with the collaboration and support of local police and justice department.   Our strategy is to work within the structure of the communities in all metropolitan area.


M-YEPI approach is an integration of entrepreneurship, health wellness, political awareness, and spiritual internalization and transformation. M-YEPI teaches a framework for our youth to realize their mission in life through creating a life-marketing plan that provides a living map to a successful and wholesome life.




The overall goal and vision of the program is to navigate our youth through a process of self-coaching and life planning.  As well as their personal life plan, as a team the participants will develop a business plan addressing trade with Africa and China.


Much emphasis is placed on writing and using a personal mission statement to successful plan one's life. As the youth explore themselves they will come to understand and realize their basic paradigms bringing them in accordance with correct principles. The youth will also create both an effective and empowering center and a clear lens through which they can see the world.