FrameWork for Success

The introduction to the FrameWork for Success is the 1st course in this series.  In this course you will learn more about the life planning process.  You will learn that you become what you think, and thoughts are things.  You will learn that the law of attraction works for positive and negative thinking.



Organization structure

MetroVoice's two-tier structure have a youth side and a mentor side.  This unusual division approach allows the youth to be independent with a resource connection.  The purpose of the mentor side is to be an information resource.  The Mentor Executive Board is responsible for oversight of the mentors.  We are asking our youth to determine their mission.  Therefore, we must provide career paths and option for them to make clear choses.  The mentors are here to be an example and a model.   The mentors are assigned to a youth & family for 36 hours of contact during the program.


On the youth site there are leadership roles within the leadership team and the organization itself.  There is also a 5–7-member Youth Executive board to oversee the youth and their team activities.   The focus groups and committees are methods to address the issues affecting the youth, both also a way to connect the success teams.  A success team/chapter is 10 youth, 10 mentors and a coach.  A sponsor assist in identifying youth, raising funds, and maintain connections.  Both sides are managed by an Executive Management group.  The responsibilities  here are program oversight and providing financial support. 


A system of overlaying processes that are interconnected to produce the S & S thinking and the creation of their “winning Life Game Plan”.    As with all construction it must be built with solid and proven parts and foundation. This house is built on community support, strategic planning, a tactical plan.  The plan addresses local, national and international issues as it relates to our youth health, economic, political, spiritual well-being.  The process of enlighten start with awareness, examination, and ends with understanding and participation.