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"Success isn't just about 

what you accomplish in your life;

it's equally about what you 

inspire others to do"



  • To create an organization of people with a Vision, Who Network their talents and skills to Create Wealth through Economic Cooperation and Collaborations.

  • To create an organization of youth with a vision who develop a winning life game plan through strategic planning.

  • To develop a program that enhances the lives of youth in the following areas: Economic-Health-Politics-Self-realization


The MetroVoice Youth Entrepreneurs Program, Incorporated (M-YEPI) models persons’ experiences, to enlighten the individual: by this process, they mature and can elevate oneself to recognize true purpose, and effectively be engaged in the Revolution.M-YEPI sole vision is to service the community through organizing persons for proactive change. M-YEPI recognizes that holistic success starts from within and promotes personal life-marketing plans thru the model of entrepreneurship.

All Hands In

Success Through Team Building

Teamwork Breeds Accountabilty

A MetroVoice Youth leadership team has 10 youth participants with a community life coach. 10 community leaders are assigned to the group to serve as mentors and subject matter experts (SMEs). 


The team is addressed as a corporation with the parents serving as the board of director.

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