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Introduction to the FrameWork for Success

  • 52Weeks
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The FrameWork for Success training offers the basic principles for creating a journey that can be life changing. You’ll learn what makes life worthwhile and what makes it work. The half dozen things that will make 80 percent of the difference. The best-kept secret of the rich. How a refined philosophy will help you order your life, set goals, and establish your values. Why you need to gather knowledge and determine what is valuable. And how to learn from your own and other people’s experiences. The introduction to the Framework for Success is the first of 14 courses in the "Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life" series. The 14 courses climates with a workshop to discover your mission or purpose statement. Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life include: 1. Introduction to Framework for Success 2. Change Your Thinking 3. Change Your Life 4. Dream Big Dreams 5. Decide to Be Rich 6. Take Charge of Your Life 7. Commit to Excellence 8. Put People First 9. Think Like a Genius 10. Unleash the power of your mind 11. Supercharge your thinking 12. Create your Own Life 13. Live a Greate life 14. Summary and Conclusions

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