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“My success evolved from working hard at the business at hand every day.”(Johnny Carson) Many studies have been conducted over the years to try to determine why it is that some people are more successful than others. Hundreds and even thousands of salespeople, staff, and managers have been interviewed, tested, and studied to identify the common denominators of success. One of the most critical success factors discovered, over and over again, is the quality of “Action Orientation.” Successful people are intensely action-oriented. They seem to move faster than unsuccessful people. They are busier. They try more things, and they try harder. They start a little earlier and they stay a little later. They are in constant motion. Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, start at the last moment necessary and quit at the first moment possible. They are meticulous about taking every minute of coffee breaks, lunch hours, sick leave, and vacations. They sometimes brag, “When I am not at work, I never even think about it.”

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