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Inphase Chiropractic Billing Software 'LINK'

InPhase Technologies chiropractic billing software is used by providers nationwide for patient billing, accounting, and scheduling. The InPhase Technology sales staff can help you to make the right decision when it comes to selecting the right billing software for your chiropractic office.

Inphase Chiropractic Billing Software

InPhase Technologies offers a practice management solution designed specifically for chiropractors that is simple, fast and accurate. Although not a complete electronic medical records (EMR) system, InPhase chiropractic software offers an attractive array of features including scheduling, electronic billing, patient retention, collections and marketing. InPhase software was specifically developed with the chiropractor in mind and as a result, simplifies the task of billing, collections and accounting.

The cost of the InPhase system is comparable to other products boasting similar features and functionality. A single user license can be purchased for $2,750 and a network, multi-user version will run you $3,500. An annual tech support plan that includes all updates will run $595 for a single user and $695 for a multi-user plan. A demo version is also available by request. For additional information on InPhase Technologies chiropractic billing software, you can visit their website.

eNotes is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) software for the Mental & Behavioral Health Industry. It is easy to learn, simple to use, always accessible, and can dramatically improve the experience of documenting and billing mental health encounters.

Apex EDI is a national medical billing clearinghouse focused on your chiropractic practice. Across the nation, chiropractors and office managers alike view Apex as the optimal resource for revenue management. Our clearinghouse services allow you to send your claims from your software directly to payers. Additionally we provide you with reporting and web based claims management functions to streamline your chiropractic claims billing process. A streamlined process means more efficient revenue streams for your chiropractic practice.

Simplified and streamlined in the best possible ways. Keeping all our patient information in one place, easy to access, and with significantly less steps and overall fuss as other softwares used in chiropractic offices.

ChiroFusion's base subscription is offered at only $99/month and includes patient scheduling with appointment reminders, 20 second SOAP notes, billing with free e-claims and integrated payment processing. We invite you to see why ChiroFusion has fast become the leading web-based chiropractic EHR software. Currently serving over 14,000 happy users.

Pathology data contained within the electronic health record (EHR), and laboratory information system (LIS) of hospitals represents a potentially powerful resource to improve clinical care. However, existing reporting tools within commercial EHR and LIS software may not be able to efficiently and rapidly mine data for quality improvement and research applications. We present experience using a data warehouse produced collaboratively between an academic medical center and a private company. The data warehouse contains data from the EHR, LIS, admission/discharge/transfer system, and billing records and can be accessed using a self-service data access tool known as Starmaker. The Starmaker software allows users to use complex Boolean logic, include and exclude rules, unit conversion and reference scaling, and value aggregation using a straightforward visual interface. More complex queries can be achieved by users with experience with Structured Query Language. Queries can use biomedical ontologies such as Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes and Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine. We present examples of successful searches using Starmaker, falling mostly in the realm of microbiology and clinical chemistry/toxicology. The searches were ones that were either very difficult or basically infeasible using reporting tools within the EHR and LIS used in the medical center. One of the main strengths of Starmaker searches is rapid results, with typical searches covering 5 years taking only 1-2 min. A "Run Count" feature quickly outputs the number of cases meeting criteria, allowing for refinement of searches before downloading patient-identifiable data. The Starmaker tool is available to pathology residents and fellows, with some using this tool for quality improvement and scholarly projects. A data warehouse has significant potential for improving utilization of clinical pathology testing. Software that can access data warehouse using a straightforward visual 041b061a72


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